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Fishing often comes down to being in the right place at the right time. We can go fishing and make a memorable trip by creating a range of consequential spots and determining the most favorable tidal moments. Captain Murphy Fishing Charters in South Padre Island help you plan a trip with your friends and family to help you have a memorable time away from the tired and monotonous work life.

Favorable hunting conditions

The right times for bass fishing correspond to the conditions that allow it to hunt with the greatest ease and possible comfort. One of the key factors is to determine the greatest sight to hunt. It also refers to the information transmitted by its lateral line. Therefore, it can target its attacks in low light conditions, which is an undeniable advantage because prey will be less visible.

Sunrise and sunset

In this logic, these two moments are key because the change in light is important and offers bars much easier attack opportunities. It is especially true on hot summer days when they desert the coast or are inactive due to many vacationers by the water and boats plying the sea and enjoying with the Captain Murphy Fishing Charters in South Padre Island. On the contrary, the hottest and sunny times can be more profitable in winter due to the water surface temperature. It is then no longer a question of light but of comfort and activity of the marine fauna.

The night

The night is the privileged moment for crustaceans. Crabs and shrimps come out of the seaweed and other rock crevices and go into activity. The bars know this and take the opportunity to eat! Likewise, the return to calm is very reassuring for them, and they do not hesitate to come and hunt in a few decimeters of water. Night fishing is a great time to catch big fish, sometimes under the rod.

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Even though it can be unpleasant and uncomfortable at times, the wind is a friend of the bass fisherman. Indeed, this often stimulates the activity of bars because, on the one hand, it oxygenates the water and others by wrinkling or even stirring the water. It reduces the ambient light and the surrounding noise and therefore allows bars to hunt with more discretion. In addition, a sea wind is very favorable for shore fishing because the swell thus creates hits on the coast. It oxygenates the water and suspends crustaceans, worms, shellfish and unbalances the small fish the bass can feed easily. On the contrary, offshore wind will tend to smooth the surface of the sea, and it will undoubtedly be necessary to seek the bars further offshore and even deeper if it is also accompanied by a strong sun. The team of Captain Murphy Fishing Charters in South Padre Island is an ideal planner who considers all such circumstances.


For the same reasons as light, cloudy days are often much better than sunny ones. In addition, the atmospheric pressure drops, so just before a disturbance is a good time. The bars feel its pressure variations and know how to interpret them perfectly. The imminent arrival of a big disorder pushes them to get into the activity. It is up to us to take advantage of it and monitor the weather forecast! Coefficients between 60 and 90 are the best for bass, provided you know which tidal moment to exploit for each spot.

The moon

There are so many beliefs, statistics, and theories about the moon and its influence on fishing. Everyone has their own rules, often coming from their personal experiences. There is an influence for sure, but which one? The days preceding the full and new moons are the best, and maybe this is because it corresponds to increasing coefficients or other parameters.

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You can turn your trips joyful and memorable by collaborating with Captain Murphy Fishing Charters in South Padre Island for the next excursion.

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