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What Are The Best Tips To Fix Flat Tire?

Bilal Ahsan

Fixing flat tires and changing tires is such a skill that is mandatory for all drivers. While one can rely on calling others in case of a roadside emergency it is not always possible to rely on mobile phones. Flat tires can happen just anywhere thus one should have knowledge and experience to fix and change a flat tire. Having the necessary things make the whole process very easy and can help change and fix tire as soon as there is a need which reduces the chance of damage to the tire.

Method to Fix Flat Tire

            Firstly, it is important to park the car sideways. It is necessary that the vehicle should be parked on a flat surface and should be away from the traffic Hazard lights and flares can be used in case there is heavy traffic. Next, the tires should be braced by making use of any bracing item like wood piece or brick in front of and behind the tires that would not be lifted through the jack. Bracing ensures the car remains stable and does not roll. Then the spare tire and jack should be located using the owner manual present in the vehicle. Then, the jack should be placed in the proper position so that it does not cause damage to the car. One can make use of the owner’s manual for proper placement of the jack

            After this, the car should be jacked up while keeping pressure on the ground and not lifting the car completely. Any hubcaps or centre covers of the tires should be removed so that access can be gained to lug nuts. The lug nuts should then be loosened by a lug wrench and, moving in an anti-clockwise direction. After ensuring that the jack is on the table and the car is jacked enough, the tire should be removed easily and the spare tire should be attached to the wheel by placing the lug nuts in the right positions. After this, the tire wrench should be used to tighten the lug nuts by moving them in the clockwise direction. After the whole process, the car should be driven for a few kilometres and then be stopped to ensure that the lug nuts are still tight.

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Tools Required for Fixing Flat Tires and Changing Tires

            For changing the SUV tire in Kuwait, it is necessary that the flat tire kit is present. This includes the vehicle owner’s manual, an inflated spare tire, jack, bracing material like a piece of wood or brick, and lastly a lug wrench.

Importance of Repairing and Fixing Tires

            When the tire that is constantly losing air or has a puncture is being used for driving, it is risky for the car and driver. Fixing flat and damaged tires ensures that there is no future damage to the tire, puncture scan be repaired properly in the tread, and air pressure is maintained at the level that is recommended by the car manufacturers. There are cases when it is preferred that the tire should be replaced rather than being repaired and these situations include bulge and blister on the sidewall of tires, flat tires due to blowing out lacerations, and significant damage to the tires.

Finding Hole and Damage in the Tire

            Before fixing the flat tire, it is necessary to locate the source and origin of the leak of the air pressure. For this, the tire should be examined thoroughly for any source of leaks like screw, stone, nail, or other debris. Leak Detection Liquid can be used. This can be any leak detection liquid recommended by a tire manufacturer or even a squirt bottle filled with vegetable-based soap and water solution can be sued for this purpose. By running the cleaner along with the tread of the tire, puncture can be located as a small eruption of bubbles will be formed a place to puncture.

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