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Tyre Safety and Maintenance Tips – Dunlop Guide

Bilal Ahsan

Just imagine driving on a peaceful road, where everything is going smoothly. You turn to a corner, and suddenly there is a large animal in the way, or you hear the sound of a tyre blowing out. In the worst case, there is something on the road, which causes your vehicle to lose traction and ends up sliding. In that case, the first advisable thing is not to panic. 

Dunlop, a reputable and notable car tyre company in the tyre industry establishes itself not only as the company offering premium quality tyres but cares for its customer that goes beyond just selling. This article serves as the guide on how you can ensure tyre safety and maintenance to avoid getting in trouble and ending up wasting a hefty amount. Here are some tips that will ease your life and ensure a smooth journey. 

Check your tyre treads regularly.  

In ideal terms, one must get their tyre treads to check at least once a month or before heading for a long journey. The basic thing is to check the tread depth. In legal terms, as per the laws of many countries, the limit is 1.6mm. One must refrain from travelling if the tread is below this depth margin. You should always be searching for anything lodged in the tread especially if you feel somewhat similar to a puncture. Similarly, the check must be on the uneven tread on tyres. It could indicate the problem of wheel alignment. 

Use an optimal tyre pressure.  

In every handbook, you find the optimal tyre pressure. One can even find the same information inside the driver side door or even inside the fuel tank flap. It is fundamental for every driver to keep the tyre pressure at the optimum level to avoid any hassle or mishap during the journey. The inappropriate tyre pressure can increase fuel consumption and excessive tyre wear, leading to stress and burden on the motor expenses. 

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It ultimately even puts you at greater accidental risk. Optimal tyre pressure varies as per the load the vehicle is carrying. Therefore, it is required to adjust the pressure accordingly if there is a heavy load or if the passenger numbers exceed the normal ones. You can even the details of corresponsive weight and pressure in the handbook of the vehicle. 

Avoid driving roughly 

Sometimes, bad driving habits also results in adverse impact. It becomes challenging to avoid it. But one must understand that through smooth and good driving, you will be free from any unnecessary tyre damage. Some of the common bad driving habits include quick acceleration with harsh brakes. 

Moreover, some of them do not slow down for jarring speed bumps, stopping and starting in heavy traffic. Along with it, mounting curbs and driving your car over uneven road surfaces are also among bad driving habits. The part of your tyre car includes foremost driving smoothly without any rush or haste.

Never overload the vehicle

Along with the bad driving habits, a rough routine is to overload the vehicles. The tyre sidewall will contain the load index number that ought to correspond with the maximum weight a car must carry on the travel. In case of overloading the vehicle on regular basis, the sidewall gets weakened and tyres are susceptible to failure. Further, it poses the threat of tread wearing down at a quicker pace and one gets stuck in the myopia of the increased fuel cost. 

Choose the Right Replacements 

Lastly, for Dunlop as the best car tyre company, the right car tip to give in this regard is to have a regular replacement of the tyres. With all the aforementioned tips, one can ensure the longevity of the tyres as the lifespan has prolonged as much as possible. At one point, one must know that the tyres are ought to be replaced, but how to make a sound choice? 

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In many cases, the car manufacturers work with the tyre manufacturer in selecting the Original Equipment tyres for vehicles. In the start, the OE tyres are the flawless choice, as it is designed as per specifications of the model of the car. Dunlop works in partnership with a car manufacturer to offer OE tyres, which one can see on their official website. 

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