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Types of Limo Service- Choose the Right One

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A limo service can be defined as a method of providing ease of transportation to the passengers by providing them with a particular vehicle.

The charges of this service depend upon the number of passengers for whom the vehicle is needed.

Limousines are available in different sizes, shapes, and forms. So, you can rent any according to your needs and requirements. You should also consider your budget while selecting one.

The expense of each car depends upon its specifications and model.

Here are some of the options available to you regarding limo services:

Sedan Limo Service

It is one of the best and luxurious vehicles that can let you experience quality Limo services. No doubt, it is attractive and eye-catching.

Arriving at an event in Sedan Limo will surely increase your value at the event and the people will not stop talking about you and your personality.

This Limo is like a stretch limo but it has an extension of a high-end sedan-type vehicle. There are many extra features in this vehicle as compared to a stretch limo.

Mostly, the sedan limos will be Lincolns, Mercedes Benz, and Cadillacs.

Hummer Limousine

It is one of the best options for you to get remarkable limo services. It is because the Hummer Limousine is a luxurious car with an outstanding appearance. The front of this car looks like a jeep.

The maximum seating capacity of this vehicle is sixteen. So, if you want to rent it for a wedding, the bridesmaids and groom’s friends can also sit in it along with the bride and the groom.

It is an expensive vehicle to buy. It means it can only be afforded by billionaires. That’s why many people rent it for attending events. But renting this vehicle is also not cheap.

You must have a good budget to afford its rent. The beauty and seating capacity of this vehicle has made it expensive.

Lincoln Limo Service

If you want to get the best airport Limo service, you must get a Lincoln Limo. You can rent it whenever you need a vehicle at the airport. It provides you the service of pick and drop.

You can also get customized service but keep in mind you will have to pay accordingly.

Lincoln Limo is one of the luxurious vehicles that is hardly afforded by people except for the wealthy ones. It is eye-catching and very elegant. This vehicle enhances the personality of the person who comes out of it.

The seating capacity of this limo is twelve to sixteen.

There is a great demand for this car in different regions of the world. It is because it is ideal for formal events such as parties, conferences, weddings, etc.

Do not forget to book it early i.e. one or two weeks before the actual date you need it. You will surely get remarkable limo services if you consult the right service provider.

SUV Limo

Just like other types of limousines, an SUV is distinctive in its character and features.

There are many service providers that are offering this car to the customers so that they could enjoy their event and increase their value in the event they visit.

SUV Limo is highly preferred by customers having kids. It is because this car is perfect for a family to attend any event. Moreover, this car also consists of special features such as baby seat hooks, TVs, etc.

The seating capacity of this car is about six.

Standard Stretch Limo

A standard stretch limo is one of the best cars. It is perfect for any type of event. Getting this car will surely increase your value, in any event, you visit with it. It looks great in black color.

As we all know that anything in black color looks graceful and adorable. The same is the case with this limo.

You can get this limo in different sizes such as super-stretch, stretch, and standard sizes. A Stretch limo is considered best depending upon the number of passengers you want to accommodate.

If you want to rent limo for a wedding, for the bride and the groom, the family of the bride and groom can also sit in it.

Limo Bus

Limo buses are considered the best choice if there are a great number of passengers to be accommodated. You can rent it for a wedding or arrange a trip for a great number of people.

For example, you can book this limo for your guests so that they could attend the wedding conveniently.

Moreover, you can also book it for a trip with your friends, family or colleagues. It is best for the purpose of a trip because it can accommodate about thirty people.

There are eight wheels of this bus where two are present in the front and six are present on the backside of the bus.

It is just like an SUV limo but is larger than it. There are many high-end amenities in the Limo bus. You can also call this bus a party bus. Because it is mostly used for the purpose of partying.

There is plenty of room available on this bus that can be used for party purposes. It also consists of televisions along with a beverage area or a full bar.

Convertible Limo Service

A convertible limo surely provides you with the best limo service. You can book it whenever you need it. Do not forget to consult a professional service provider that could lend you the limo at an affordable price.

It is a luxurious car that cannot be afforded by an ordinary person. That’s why many people hire it to attend special events.

There is a special part available in this limo that opens up so that you could enjoy the landscape and the view. It is a remarkable vehicle that turns the heads of the people when you pass by them.

There are a few limo service providers that are lending this car because of its remarkable features and appearance.


You should know about different options available to you by Limo service providers. It is helpful to book any one of them according to your needs and budget.

You should consult an authentic and professional limo service provider for this purpose.

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