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Treks To Do In Monsoon In India

Gaurav Walla

If you are looking for a trekking spot with not much of a hassle but to enjoy to your fullest with the drizzles and the rolling clouds over you. The wet mountain paths and the flourishing greenery and density of vegetation growing in every nook and corner of the mountains and the blinking sun rays through the heavy clouds the rainwater sliding down the green leaves are all the new features to view while you trampling on bits of washed rocks and the smell of wet soil will ease your mind to trail in through the wonderful land of mysteries. The gushing waters flowing from the streams and the ripples created on the lakes and tanks will provide you with a picturesque view of your heart’s content. The waterfalls roar with pleasure as they are attracted by the earth’s gravitational force. It will all be a new world to you as you trek in these places during monsoons. These places will also brighten up the sanctity of the air that will consume you with all wonders. These places to trek during the monsoons are as follows:-

Bhrigu Lake Trek

Considered to be a holy sight and a sacred trekking spot Bhrigu Lake Trek narrates the construction of the main attraction; the Bhrigu Lake that was set up by Maharishi Bhrigu who performed a rigorous penance there. The meadows and the dense forests are filled up with greenery from June and remain like that until September and early October. The monsoons create a magical land for the trekkers to trek at. The mountain regions are filled with lush green vegetation covering the whole place with greenery as they remain a bit barren before the monsoons. It is a moderate trekking zone with wet paths to take you on a journey through a different world. Trekking at the Bhrigu Lake is like merging with nature and is one of the most preferred trekkers to those who are beginners in trekking. The rising and setting sun that throws a charm on the snow-capped mountain is a blissful sight to see.

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Hampta Pass Trek

Hampta Pass Trek located at Himachal Pradesh is a moderate trekking area with much to your wonder during the monsoons; the whole place gets filled up with entirety as the rains wash the mountain roads and allow a heavy growth in density and greenery of the vegetation. The whole bunch of oak trees, pine trees, deodar trees growing together along the trails with other trees makes your journey to be a beautiful one that will be remembered by you for time immemorial. It is advisable to trek at Hampta Pass from mid-May to early October as the weather remains pleasant and the air is purified to such an extent that you can sense it while you trek at Hampta Pass. You will be immersed in a world of immense adventures. The belief of locals about souls departing to heaven and hell from Hampta Pass enhances one’s journey with a notion of adventure and thrill in every step.  But if you are still willing to walk through the snow-covered roads with the sounds of crunching and cracking snow under your heavy boots then you must prefer to trek from May to June. That is also the time when the monsoon clouds start introducing themselves. 

Valley of Flowers Trek

The Valley of Flowers is an example of the most loved and frequented trekking monsoon region for trekkers. Most species of the flower variants bloom during this time that lures in a large number of trekkers to trek at the Valley of Flowers. The exotic species of flora and fauna seem to merge giving the place a different divine aura, to begin with. The monsoons emerging on the Valley of Flowers also create a scenic beauty for the trekkers. The Valley of Flowers is a much-preferred spot for many nature lovers, trekkers and photographers as well it was the hotspot for many ancient laureates who had mentioned the beauty of the Valley of Flowers in their works. The local villagers of the Valley of Flowers believe that the mountain regions are mysterious and dreaded them so they do not dare to cross the boundaries. It is believed that Lord Hanuman uprooted the Gandhamadan parvat from the Valley of Flowers. 

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Pin Parvati Pass Trek

Filled with fantastic adventuring spots, Pin Parvati Pass Trek is one of the most loved trekking spots. The melting snow is another site to be glorified but the monsoons are not too cold or too warm but settles at a level of normal and soothing atmosphere. The lush greenery that outgrows on the mountain trails. It is known for being a difficult trekking spot as it can be hazardous for one’s health as well. You will be offered a beautiful view on the two sides of Pin Parvati Pass; the dry and barren region of Pin Valley and the evergreen region of the Parvati Valley on the other side. Whereas trekking through the wet mountain pathways, you will come across many meadows, forests, streams, glaciers and snow-covered mountain ranges.

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