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Travel Guide: Best Greek Islands For Travelers

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Greek Islands no introduction, often portrayed as picture-perfect locations for vacations and honeymoons it is known the world over. From its gorgeous beaches, beautiful architecture and excellent weather thai really popular in tourist list. You should know the best greek islands list before going that will help you to save your time.

A trip to a Greek island could very well be the next thing you need for a great escape. So if you’re ready to pack your bags and book your tickets here is a list of the Best Greek Islands you have to visit. 

Let See The List Of Best Greek Island


Historically home to one of Europe’s first advanced civilizations. The Minoan, the Island of Crete is probably the most well-rounded island and also the largest. Many things to do here so check the best time to make Alaska Airlines Booking Flights budget friendy.

It is an incredibly diverse location with exceptional landscape and rich heritage. This is perfect for every kind of traveler; families, groups or solo. The island receives good footfall but due to its size it hardly gets crowded. There’s always more to see and would probably take more than a day to see it all. 


Probably the first place that to everyone’s mind and all for good reason. The famous island of Santorini is probably one of the best places to head to for first-timers and honeymooners. Ladled with gorgeous views, incredible sunsets, and simply unique landscape Santorini is all that you see in pictures and more. 

The place however due to its wide appeal can tend to get a bit crowded and it’s not a rare sight for one to see couples lining up to take selfies behind  Some great places to dine here are Franco’s and Botargo and definitely try some of the island’s favorite mashed beans and any tomato-based dish. Perivolas has been a tried and tested lodging option while The Vasilicos provides for an artsy classy stay option. 

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Probably as popular as Santorini and Crete, Mykonos has carved out a niche for itself. Being one of the most hype and alluring islands in Greece. Mykonos had gay clubs and rave nights before it was even a thing and has ever since the ’60s has had an influx of the rich and famous. 

The island has many cool hotels and restaurants that many beach bars that could probably give bars at Ibiza a run for their money. The nightlife here is phenomenal and a great stop for those who party hard.


One of the fewer known islands in Greece, Folegandros is a small slow island located on the Southern part of the Cyclades. This is perfect for couples and honeymooners searching for a romantic atmosphere. You want to make your honeymoon unforgettable then check the best deals on Aeromexico Website and reach this destination. 

Untouched by crowds the island presents raw scenery and is typically barren. The beaches here are not big and sandy compared but offers privacy and isolation from the usually noisy environment at the beach. These all things make this island Best Greek Island for travelers.


A great summer destination and a historically important island. Rhodes is an island set back in time with many important connections to its ancient past with the Byzantines and the Romans. Big draws here being the medieval citadel in Rhodes, churches, synagogues, and minarets. But it’s not all old here in Rhodes with upmarket hotels around the acropolis and great restaurants on the offer.

Water Sports enthusiasts should definitely head to Prassonisi at the island’s southernmost tip. Which provides excellent beaches and also Anthony Quinn Beach if you feel like going beach-hopping. 


A summer favorite among celebrities and royals the cosmopolitan capital of Corfu is a grand mix of Venetian, British and French influences. The island is known for its greenery, rich history, and architecture which is probably why Corfu proves to be an ideal destination for different kinds of travelers. The island has a reminiscent feeling of Tuscany- but with great beaches that make this the best greek island for travelers.

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The Canal d’Amour Beach is also another great spot for couples with unique rock formations and a beach, that place supposedly has a small tiny tunnel and comes with a story that if two people swim together through to it, will fall in love with one another.

Some good places to stay in Corfu are the Ultima Corfu, Rou Estate, CV Villas and Ikos Dassia.

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