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The best things to do in Sydney for a solo traveler

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Photo by Nicole Geri on Unsplash

Many people around the world often confuse Sydney for the capital of Australia. And rightfully so as it is synonymous due to its gorgeous and panoramic city shots, historical heritages, landmarks, and, most importantly, the famous Aussie hospitality. Booking a vacation there or passing by for a few days is a must-do for anyone. Sydney won’t disappoint even the nitpickers of travelers as it has something for everyone.

Sydney, has you covered whether you are here for history, sightseeing, nightlife, food, surfing, or anything else that you may have in mind. If you were to put every single item on the list, it would be a couple of miles long. While our suggestions are compressed and can serve as a great starting point, we encourage exploration and multiple visits to Sydney. After your first visit, you will better understand why. Let us get going!

1. Rocks and Roll

History and modern combine in the Rocks. This rustic and iconic part of Sydney is one of the first neighborhoods of Sydney, created back when the first settlers came in 1788. Every nook and corner is bustling with history and modern energy. Embraced by the modern hip culture, many old houses have been adapted into bars, street food is iconic, and rustic and weekend markets are open for anyone. IF you wish to travel back in time a bit and keep all the benefits of modern life, then this is just the part of Sydney for you.

2. Sail thru the Harbor and around the Opera

There has yet to be a guide that doesn’t include the famous Sydney Opera House. Known for its stellar and breathtaking pictures taken on New Year eve, as it comes first here, to its contribution to Australian and

world culture, this architectural marvel is a sight to see and remember for a lifetime. Of course, while it is the crowning jewel of the bay area, its surroundings should not be ignored, as well. To list some are Harbor Bridge, The Quay, and Fort Denison. These three items can easily fill one or two days and make you want to return for more.

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3. Party through the night!

You’re energetic and bursting with vibrant energy, Sydney is also a city that never sleeps. Aussies are known for their wild nights out, and as the night falls, fun rises! Here, Sydney caters to any of your needs and you can find exactly what you are looking for. Modern and urban, high-end clubs, rustic and alternative pubs, exotic and sensual Sydney brothels, street performances, operas, live cinemas, the list goes on and on. It can be a challenge to try more than one thing at a time, but you won’t be the first one that has partied all night and witnessed sunrise on one of the beaches.

4. Sydney on foot

Speaking of which, Mrs. Macquarie’s chair is a sight to behold and remember for your lifetime. Plenty of people wind up there, during all hours. Sydney has dedicated groups for exploring it on foot, and to go sightseeing with. Whether it is just for walking around or going on a shopping spree, bar hopping, or photography tours, there is no shortage of these options.

Sydney’s white, pristine, and beautiful beaches offer relaxation and activities, at the same time, depending on your needs. Want to snooze away and relax while the sound of the sea meets the shore? Or want to start your day with a beach party, move to beach volleyball and continue through the night on some wild party? Sydney and its beaches have you covered. The thru beauty of this city lies in its hidden corners and alleyways, with their mysteries still intact and waiting for that next curious visitor. Which is something that can only be experienced, while on foot.

We hope this serves as a jumping point for your unforgettable Sydney adventure. The city is big, bustling, and sprawling across plenty of options. All of this goes in your favor, as you don’t have to race the clock. Trying to take it in all at once is not suggested and should be avoided. Savor every moment and come back again, Sydney will still be there, ready to greet you with open arms. We wish you all the best in your future endeavors.

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