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7 Reasons Why Travelling by Train is More Fun

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We all, at least once in our lives, have a dream to sit in an airplane. Our first flight is nothing less than magic. But despite all this, we know that our heart lies in the beautiful journey by train. The route, the moments, the explicit view of nature, and the soothing breeze passing through your hair- everything is just mesmerizing. Every mode of transport is good, but not each one is as special.   

We might not remember our second or third flight trips. But it isn’t easy to forget even the 240th trip on the train. Everything about it is exceptional, from train ticket booking to finally reaching the destination. And believe it or not, before getting to the destination, it is the journey that matters. You cannot just sit idle on your long way. Nor can you sleep the entire time.   

You ought to have fun, and what is better than eating homemade dinner in the shaking train compartments? Even the smallest of things becomes a cherished memory for a lifetime. And there is another unique thing about trains. Along with the destination you are traveling to, you get to see so many other places too. You also get to spend time with your loved ones.   

Train ticket booking centers are filled with customers who are potentially planning a trip. And we can blame nobody because train travel is evidently fascinating. After reading the article further, you will understand why journeying on a train is beautiful and when booking tickets, you must ensure that it is for the train only.   

The view, obviously!  

The overview is the best part of the journey that makes it even more memorable. It depends on how you like to interact with the surroundings too. Some might like being amidst clouds, and some like to be surrounded by greenery and blue waters. Passenger trains traverse through some fantastic places amidst beautiful mother nature. There are some regions that we would never notice if it weren’t for trains.  

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Have you ever faced difficulty in your journey due to less leg space? Did you feel motion sickness on your car drives? We all sometimes have. But what is interesting is that none of it happens when we are journeying by train. The seating offered is very comfortable. And after train ticket booking gets confirmed, your seat is reserved. And the best thing is that no random person can enter the compartment. Your seat is comfortably yours.   


Train transportation is often cheaper and affordable for everyone. When compared to airline tickets or roadways, trains are beneficial and pocket-friendly. Also, there are no hidden costs too. You do not have to halt very frequently, and all the necessities are made available inside. And if you book the train tickets for the night, you can freshly begin the work the very next day.  

Time and feasibility  

Generally, time is a significant factor that determines what mode of transportation one chooses. And if someone has extreme emergencies and flights are not readily available, trains are the second-best option for the case. And that is why while train ticket booking, you can see that there are many waiting tickets. You constantly need to keep an eye on the PNR status from your app to see the updates.   

The environment  

Everything about train travel is good for the environment. If not the best, it is way better than other modes of transport. So many people traveling together reduces the amount of pollution that would have otherwise been caused. The lower carbon emissions help you and others breathe properly. Also, booking a train ticket means that you are not adding to the gridlock of cars on the road.   


Trains are utterly relaxing. There is nothing that you have to worry about or take care of. You can sit, enjoy the scenery, talk to people around, and even work sometimes. You never know this could be the best environment to work in. In all, after sitting on the train, there are no chances that you get worried about something.   

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Only if there are some major troubles on the tracks or in the weather can we expect a slight delay. But other than that, trains are perfectly on time always. Mostly, people travel a day before the D-day, and trains fit their schedule. So, train ticket booking is always in your favor.   

We cannot go to the station all the time for small information. It is vital to have a feasible online application that can reduce this stress. And after listening to customer issues, IRCTC has partnered with private companies that offer similar services. And it has brought a lot of relief for the passengers. They do not have to follow lengthy tiring processes anymore.  

Trains have been a part of the Indian transport system for a long time now. Since its inception, there have been so many advancements and changes. There came in new methods, the roadways improved, and the airways were also inaugurated. But the number of people downloading applications for train ticket booking has only increased.   

And with the ease of booking through IRCTC partners, people have become more inclined towards train journeys. The websites and applications facilitate online ticket booking for trains, and you need not visit the station every now and then. The best part is that it helps you make quicker bookings. Even if you thought of the trip in the evening, you do not have to wait for the following day.   

You only have to log in to the app and follow the process. Also, you only have to carry your pones regarding the PNR status, ticket confirmation, and live running status of the trains. With the train number, you can see the details of the train. And with the PNR number, you get the updates on your tickets, whether it is confirmed or canceled or RAC.   

Seldom does it happen that we take out time from our busy schedule to spend with family? So, your vacation plans and the journey to the destination are the moments you can grab to enjoy with your loved ones. So, if you get the chance, do not let it go. Book a train ticket for everyone and make sure that every step is unique.  
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