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November in London: See What Awaits You in 2021

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Can you believe that in two months, we will step in 2022? We all know this year went relatively fast, and we missed out on so many fun activities lately. But do not worry. We still have November and December with us, and we can make the most out of it. And when we know the amazing stuff about to happen in London, there is no thinking twice. We can just pack our bags from our homes and drop them at luggage storage in London and participate in every fantastic event happening. Isn’t it amazing?  

London is one of those cities in the world that witnesses endless visitors. And as the nights get darker and the weather turns bluer, London streets experience shinier sparkle. It is one of the causes why people like to visit London before Christmas begins. As the festive mode sets in, every Londoner and a foreign visitor is on a spree to make the vibe of the city unmatchable. No matter how you plan your days here in November and December, you are likely to find some mesmerizingly engaging activities.   

And the best thing here is you can roam all day long across the city because of the presence of luggage storage London facilities. You need not drag your bags wherever and whenever you go. It is just a matter of few minutes; you can book a storage facility online and hand your stuff to the luggage storage owner. They make sure that your belongings are kept safe until you return. They are much more affordable than the hotels that have prices reaching heights due to festivities.   

When we speak about November in London, we all can witness mild weather, charming streets, encouraging activities, sparkling skies, and most importantly, some great events that keep your heart and soul cheerful. The following is a list of events that happen in London during this time, and you can seamlessly be a part of it.   

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Enjoy the twinkling lights on a bus tour.  

When Christmas is around the corner, all the locations and famous sites in London are lit up. The excitement is on a higher notch during this time of the year, and you can immerse yourself in this wonder with a ride across the city on a tour bus. But before you get on a bus, make sure that you do not carry the burden of your travel bags. You can put them in luggage storage in London. And then, you can freely enjoy the giant Christmas tree shining at the Trafalgar Square, enjoy the lights of Piccadilly Circus, and witness the charm of Hyde Park and Park Lane.   

Capture the best fireworks from Bonfire Nights.  

Bonfire nights need no explanation and preface. They are some of those glorious moments that happen as a tradition in London. Every year, around November 5th, effigies are burnt on the ground, and the skies are filled with colourful fireworks. There are food and drinks and dance and music. What could be better than a fulfilling meal with such a beautiful vibe? And when you have kept your bags at the luggage storage in London, the enjoyment doubles.   

Jam at the finest EFG London Jazz Festival.  

Music is the language for all. Everyone understands it in their way and has their own interpretations. But in all forms, music is beautiful. For all the jazz music fans, you are most welcome at the EFG London Jazz festival. It is another one on the list of the best events happening in London in November. It showcases art and artists from all over the place and is one of the most uniting festivals in the city.   

A gourmet’s delight- Taste of London  

After a heartful of music comes a spoonful of food. London is well-known for its world-famous restaurant festival too- the Taste of London. It is the only place where you can embrace your tastebuds with the best dishes from the best restaurants together. Prominent celebrity chefs and leading professional cooks participate in the festival and present the visitors with some amazingly delectable food.   

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What else if not Lyric Hammersmith in London?  

Lyric Hammersmith is one of the best theatres in London. During this time, you can indulge yourself in a fun-filled carpet ride with Aladdin and the Genie at Lyric theatres. They have thought-provoking, motivational, and life-like performances that can make your day even more pleasant. Here is a small tip for you if you are a traveller. Theatres and travel bags have no alignment. So, keep your bags at the facilities of luggage storage in London.  

Step into the Christmas month after Thanksgiving.  

As you can gather from the name, Thanksgiving is a festival that celebrates gratitude and appreciation. It reminds us that every small thing is palpable, and there does not have to be anything big to bring happiness in your life. To celebrate the piousness of the festival, families dine together and spend quality time, recollecting memories from childhood. There is a lot of food and a variety of drinks for everyone to enjoy. People play games and reive their younger days. And most importantly, Turkey, without which the spirit of the festival is nothing.   

Hyde Park Winter Wonderland!  

Who said parks were only for a child’s play? It is different in London, at least. One of the famous parks across the world, Hyde Park, transforms itself into a wonderland in winters (literally!). It is an open ground for everybody to get on enthralling rides, enjoy ice skating with family, eat lots of delicacies, and spend the best time of their lives with their families. It is a two-month-long event that ensures that no one remains aloof from the fun-tastic pleasure that Hyde Park holds.   

London is a dream city, and the above events fully justify the statement. With so many fun-filled activities and pleasant weather, London has gathered love from everywhere in the world. People take out ample time from their busy schedule and then plan a trip to London. And with so many facilities are there, people do not have to worry.

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Other than the ones mentioned above, there are many more activities that await your presence. There have been challenging circumstances in the past two years. But we have been fortunate enough to be able to move ahead in time and witness things on. We have all been together in these times, and now it is time to buckle up for all the good that will happen. So, it is November on the way, and you need to plan a trip to London as soon as possible. 

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