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Kasol-Kheerganga-Tosh trek must-visit destination

Manish Rathi

Parvati Valley is one of the most visited tourist regions and happening Himalayan Valley in the state of Himachal Pradesh. The valley has beautiful destinations like Tosh, Kasol, Parvati river, Kheerganga, Malana, Chalal village, Manikaran, and many more that pull visitors and adventure junkies from across the globe. The Parvati Valley holds indescribable beauty, it offers you lush green trekking trails, waterfalls, snow-covered mountains, quaint villages on the hilltops, rich pine forest, and hot water springs. Apart from these, the valley is equally popular for pilgrimage purposes; it has several temples, Gurudwara, sacred hot water springs that are said to have healing properties. One of the unique features of the valley is that it has a vestige Hippie trail, many Israelis are living in the valley. Parvati Valley is like a heaven for trekkers; the trail that it offers could not be found anywhere else. Trekking in the Parvati Valley is a must for every trekking enthusiast. The Kasol-Kheerganga-Tosh trek is the most celebrated trek of the valley and here is a full guide on this must-visit destination. 

Kasol-Kheerganga-Tosh trekking 

The trek starts from Kasol that is, of course, the most popular destination of the entire Valley. Sitting at an altitude of 1,580 m, it is a small town along the gushing Parvati river at a distance of 30 km from Bhuntar. It is a brilliant village in terms of its geography and culture. The village is surrounded by forest, rejuvenating Parvati river, and has an Israeli population that makes it more interesting culturally and traditionally. Due to the fame that it has gained in the past few decades, it has been developed to a great extent for touristic activities, for instance, it has excellent infrastructure when compared to other Hilltowns with the number of staying options like hotels, guest houses, homestays, camping sites, and flooding options like restaurants, cafes, and hotels are also there that offers lip-smacking Israeli dishes. So on the very first day of your trek journey in the Parvati Valley, you could pay a visit to these cafes and explore the town and after that, you would probably be moving to your Campsite which is the Chalal village, it will take around 2 hours of trek to reach the camping point. While trekking towards the campsite, you will be crossing the dense coniferous forest and moving along the Parvati riverside. Chhalal is another great village of the valley that is extremely calm with friendly villages and it is a favorite spot for Charas lovers. You will be spending the night here and the next head towards Tosh

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The next morning start your trek towards the Tosh Valley that is situated at an elevation of 7,874 feet. On your trek enjoy the mesmerizing views of the valley as you ascend and descend the gradual slopes. The Final Destination at the Tosh Valley will be a waterfall around which your camping is done. Upon reaching the waterfall you could relax in the tranquil surrounding. Like Kasol, Tosh is also a vibrant Hamlet covered with lush Meadows and mountains. The Tosh Valley trek is a very refreshing and rejuvenating experience. The day ends with a bonfire under the sky filled with millions of stars and surrounded by majestic mountains. Enjoy the moment with your colleagues while counting the day’s achievements and get a good sleep for the next day. 

Open your eyes with the beautiful sunrise at Tosh and gear up for the most exciting part of your expedition, which is the Kheerganga trek. Head for a 15 km long trek with a trail full of alpine meadows, Apple orchards, picturesque landscapes, small water streams, and several popular cafes. Upon reaching the top of Kheerganga you can just dip in the holy water springs and pay blessings at the temple there, dedicated to Lord Shiva. Kheerganga is a holy place and holds great importance in Hindu pilgrimage as it is associated with the legends of Hindu mythological tales. Apart from this, the Kheerganga trek in itself is a surreal experience that has majestic views of the Parvati Valley. Camping at the Kheerganga is an experience that every trekker desires after a hard-working trek day. Concluding your trek, return to Kasol with the love and peace of Parvati Valley in your hearts. 

The Kasol-Kheerganga-Tosh trek is an easy one on the difficulty parameters, suiting every type of trekker, be it an adventure seeker or a just pilgrim, anyone with reasonable fitness can do it. When it comes to reaching the campsite, which is at the Kasol, one can take a volvo bus from Delhi to Bhuntar. From Bhuntar hire a cab or use public transport ( local bus) to Kasol. 

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