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Independent holidays in the USA 2021

Jace Dalton

You can visit the USA in any season, both young and old, with any income. You can be sure that you will find something to your liking, having any amount with you. Accommodation, meals and travel correspond to different price categories. Some entertainment is free. What is remarkable about the rest in the United States in 2021 – prices and attractions?

How to get there

  • Transport
  • Features of national cuisine
  • What to bring as a gift to relatives and friends
  • Attractions
  • Options for independent rest for every taste
  • For those who love interesting monuments
  • For art lovers
  • For lovers of wildlife and outdoor activities
  • Those who love the life of the indigenous population
  • Communication
  • Holidays with children
  • Security
  • Prices

How to get there

The U.S. is located in the Western Hemisphere and occupies most of the continent of North America. The time difference with Moscow is minus eight hours. You can search in google “car service near me” and just book and move towards the joy.

In order to independently get to the United States, it is necessary, first of all, to determine the route of the trip. The easiest way to buy a ticket for a flight to New York,because most Russian airlines fly there. The ticket price is from 16 thousand rubles and above. You can fly to New York not only from Moscow and St. Petersburg,but also from the Crimea, Sochi and other major Russian cities.


When the famous Russian writers Ilf and Petrov in their novel “One-Story America” described their impressions of traveling around the United States by car, accompanied by a local resident Mr. Adams. However, in our time, taking into account traffic jams and heavy traffic, it is best to use public transport. The most convenient option for moving around the United States is the famous American subway. Of public transport, buses and taxis are the most popular. In order to get from one state to another, you can buy tickets for a commuter train.

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The cost of a trip in the subway is $ 3. The price of travel by bus is the same.

In order to rent a car USA, you must present a pre-issued driver’s license of international standard. Average rental price: $300 per week, $1,000 per month, from $3,000 for three months.

Features of national cuisine

Traditionally, it is believed that American cuisine is one of the most “tasteless” and “inexpressive” in the world, because locals consume mainly the same type of food in fast food restaurants of the McDonald’s chain. However, this is just a common misconception. In fact, McDonald’s2 is mainly fed by passing travelers, because most of these cafes are located on the highways. Each U.S. state boasts its own culinary “highlight”, for example:

California- fine wines and golden fragrant oranges;

Maine – seafood and sea fish;

Alaska paws of the king crab. Catching this sea animal is very difficult and dangerous, so the dish is rightly considered a rare delicacy;

West Virginia:juicy rolls with meat and cottage cheese filling. At first, this easy-to-prepare dish was a favorite food of miners living in the state, but then it smoothly migrated to cafes and restaurants across the country.

What to bring as a gift to family and friends

  • You can bring as a gift to relatives and friends from the USA:
  • Wine from the vineyards of California and Oregon – the largest wine regions;
  • Souvenirs (magnets, T-shirts, stationery) depicting the main attractions of the country;
  • Clothes painted in the veta of the national flag;
  • Costumes of popular cartoon characters walt Disney;
  • Photos and postcards depicting famous Hollywood actors;
  • Miniature models of famous statues and architectural monuments.

Suppose you have a small amount of money with you, for you are described excellent places, visiting with limouosine service which does not require costs.

The Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco connects the two islands. It is very massive and beautiful, but if you see it during the day, you will not experience much delight. But at night the view is really amazing, especially when it rains or the building is covered with fog. Note that all the sights look much more attractive at night.

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Miami Beach is a great place for those who came on vacation alone. At beach parties, you can find a lot of new friends and just have a great time. During the day, they swim, sunbathe and engage in beach sports.

Also in Miami there are places that provide once a month free admission. Get at the right time and you, without spending a penny, will visit the bar by fastest town cars, museum, park and other places.

You can study everything yourself, or you can turn to proven people who will show the best places in the country. Interesting will be, for example, a tour of the best places of production and sale of chocolate.

You can walk under the Manhattan Bridge, there is more interesting than just looking at the bridge.

Beach lovers will not remain indifferent to the coast of Pali, located in the Hawaiian Islands. The beauty of nature has no boundaries.

Also, being in the USA, you should definitely visit New York and its famous fifth avenue, Times Square, Downtown districts.

Options for independent rest for every taste

In the USA, there is something to see for those who are interested in history, and for art lovers. Also in this country there are many options for outdoor activities for lovers of pristine wildlife, rare flora and fauna. Those who show interest in the life and art of small “exotic” peoples can get acquainted with the life of the indigenous population of North America, join their lives, communicate with local residents and buy unique souvenirs from them.

The United States is such a multifaceted side that you definitely will not be bored there, because it is a real “melting pot”, in which a unique fusion of several cultures and civilizations has gradually formed: European, Latin American, Indian and African.

Jace Dalton

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