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important points to remember about Fiancee Visa Uk?

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          important points to remember about Fiancee Visa Uk?

  1. The petitioner must be a UK citizen who has lived in the UNITED KINGDOM for at least two years prior to filing a petition for his fiancee.
  1. The fiancee must be 18 years old or older, but less than 21 years of age to qualify for a fiancee visa UK. The minor child of the fiancee can also come along with her without any additional petition. But she should get married to the petitioner before reaching the age of 21 yrs, otherwise, both would have to leave the UK and they can not re-enter into the UK under any circumstances, which is also punishable by law as per section 212 (a) (9).
  1. There can not be more than one marriage during the stipulated time period of the K1 visa, if any one of the marriages is not legally terminated after filing the I-129 Fiancee Visa petition, then a UK citizens will have to file another petition and such a case will be considered as Fraud.
  1. The petitioner must establish that he meets certain income requirements either through employment or other means unless he has filed an Affidavit of Support. He must prove to UK immigration authorities that he will be able to provide financial support for his fiancee before she enters the UK and also after she comes to the UK on her K1 visa and adjusts her status with USCIS to get Green Card.
  1. Applicant’s previous marriages must have been legally ended by divorce or annulment, if not previous marriages will result in refUKl of the petition.
  1. Inability to speak the English language can be a disadvantage for the applicant while filing a K1 visa to UK UK, but this is not considered a serious issue and can be overcome with other means.
  1. Applicant should have good knowledge about US culture and traditions while applying for fiancee visa IMMIGRATIONSOLICITORS4ME. Applicants who know very less or nothing about US culture may face problems later on after coming to the UNITED KINGDOM.
  1. Applicant must go through a full screening process including the medical examination ( chest X-ray ), screening for communicable diseases like HIV, tuberculosis, etc., before getting admitted into UK IMMIGRATIONSOLICITORS4ME.
  1. Birth certificates, marriage certificates, and divorce decrees must be authentic and unaltered with proper Apostille and translation in English with a notary seal.
  1. Applicant must provide complete information about all her children including the details of their father so that they can enter into the UK on a K2 visa or through Visa Waiver Program respectively unless she gets married to the UK citizen petitioner before getting age of 21 years.
  1. An applicant with previous criminal records will face problems while applying for a K1 fiancee visa IMMIGRATIONSOLICITORS4ME. If such a case comes up during investigation then it is likely that the petition may get denied or the applicant may have some restriction placed on her while entering the UK through Fiancee Visa UK.
  1. This is not actually an important point to remember about Fiancee Visa Uk? 10. Applicant’s income tax returns for last three years, W-2 forms of the last 2 yrs.
  1. Three personal references with contact numbers of at least one of them who has known the applicant personally for at least two years and is a resident of the UK state where the petition was filed do get printed on USCIS Form I-129F IMMIGRATIONSOLICITORS4ME. Reference must be accompanied by a letter affirming his/her knowledge about the applicant and must not have any criminal records.
  1. Other documents required are birth certificates, marriage certificate, divorce decree in original language with translation into English along with apostille stamp, all correspondence between petitioner and beneficiary, sponsor’s tax returns during previous three years with W-2 forms, if employed, bank statements for last six months, applicant’s income tax returns with W-2 forms for last two years, photocopies of credit cards and driver license, any legal documents from the court about previous marriages, divorce, etc. If getting married to a UK citizen petitioner is a difficult task then you must consult a good immigration lawyer to solve your problem which can be done by filling out the Free Online Evaluation form provided on the website of our firm IMMIGRATIONSOLICITORS4ME.

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