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How you get Spouse Visa Extension

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Your spouse visa expires once you are married for two years, but there is no way to extend it. If your spouse’s visa has expired, you have only 14 days to enter the UK before making a new application. Which may or may not result in a refusal.

You need to apply for further leave if:

Your child was born during your stay as a spouse on a different type of visa and your child’s current status is ‘child’ Your marriage/ civil partnership breaks down You were admitted as a fiancé(e) or proposed civil partner Your partner dies You establish that the relationship with your partner wasn’t genuine from the start in cases where you relied on section 117C of the Nationality.

Spouse visa extension is given to people whose spouse is UK citizen. It usually extends years after which the person has to reapply again. However, this process is extremely easy if you follow these three simple steps:

Visit your local home office for getting help with the forms. This step doesn’t cost anything extra and can save you hundreds of rupees on legal fees, which are pretty much unnecessary considering that all the work will be done by the BBA/MBA representatives free of cost! Plus, it would be convenient because there’s no need to go anywhere else or do any other paperwork.

Are you married to a United Kingdom citizen but not eligible for a UK settlement visa? Are you currently on a spouse visa and wish to Extend your Spouse Visa in the UK? Do you want someone to help you in your spouse’s visa extension process? If yes, then visit us at without any hesitation. We are providing relevant solutions related to spousal visas, marriage visas, work permits, settlement visas, ILR & Indefinite Leave to Remain under the umbrella of London Immigration Lawyer.

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If you have a spouse visa and want to extend it, you need some important things for this purpose. Do not miss these requirements even if you just take another flight. If there is no information on your passport together with the data of the previous flight, the officers will check the bus from which you came just as they do with airline tickets. In some cases, they do not allow to leave the country until they get their money back or pay additional fines. The most common reasons for refusal are:

-no visa support documents;

-missing required visas;

-tourist visas in expired passports;

-failing to answer questions asked by immigration officers.

If you are in the UK and have a spouse visa, it is important that you know how to get a spouse visa extension. There are some requirements for this purpose that must be fulfilled otherwise there will be problems with your application. You need to follow all these steps carefully so that everything goes smoothly.

The first thing which you need is an income of £18,600 per year or more than that if your partner has children who depend on them financially. This amount can vary depending on where you live in the UK but most people fall under this bracket according to their location. The second requirement is that both partners should have private health insurance cover as well as comprehensive sickness insurance cover for themselves and any dependent family members living with them in the UK at all times during their stay here.

Thirdly, they also require evidence of suitable accommodation for themselves and any dependent family members living with them in the UK at all times during their stay here too such as a tenancy agreement or mortgage statement plus proof of ownership or rental payments, etc.,

bank statements showing regular funds into a joint account held by yourself and your partner together with evidence of savings over £16,000 held jointly by yourself and your partner (if applicable) plus evidence of savings over £6250 held separately by each person (if applicable). Lastly, they require one original passport-sized photograph signed on the back along with supporting documents

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You need some important things for this purpose. Do not miss these requirements even if you just take another flight. If you do not have all the documents, then it will be very difficult to get a visa extension. So, make sure that everything is in order before applying for an extension of your spouse’s visa.

Desire: There are many people who want to know how they can apply for a spouse visa extension and what are the necessary documents required during this process? This article will help you understand all about Spouse Visa Extension Requirements so that there is no problem while applying for an extension of your Spouse Visa. We hope that after reading this article, everything becomes clear and easy regarding Spouse Visa Extension Requirements. Let’s start with the basics first! What is a Spouse Visa? A spousal or partner visa allows someone from outside Australia to enter Australia on the basis of their relationship with an Australian citizen or permanent resident (as well as other conditions). The person must marry or become engaged to their sponsor within 6 months of entering Australia on this type of visa, otherwise they must leave immediately. It may also allow them to work in Australia without needing any special permission…and much more! So, let’s see what are the necessary steps which one should follow when he/she wants to extend his/her spouse visa…

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