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Holiday in Tulum Mexico Tips and Tricks

Naveed Aziz

What is attractive about a holiday in Tulum, except for nature and Mayan culture? Yes, the fact that you can choose a hotel right on the beach. For those who are tired of the benefits of civilization, of luxury, there is an opportunity to live in a hotel with a minimum of amenities.

For example, Azulik is a private hotel you can move by car service consisting of bungalows for two people and 39 thatched-roof villas. In general, this dwelling is a very unusual kind for a traveler. Located among the jungle with access to the beach, dwellings with hammocks are located at the level of trees. There are no air conditioners, only a fan, there is also no TV, there is only charging for the iPhone.

There are villas with an open-air bath and a hanging bed and a private beach. The hotel offers a fine restaurant with author’s cuisine Kin Toh. Spa facilities include a steam bath, massages, yoga, treatments and Mayan ceremonies.

Casa Malca

This chic boutique hotel used to belong as a villa to colombian drug lord Pablo Escobana.

Bulletproof walls and floors of polished granite have been preserved here. The halls are decorated with works by contemporary artists.

For vacationers provided comfortable conditions: there is a sauna, free parking, outdoor and indoor swimming pool, Wi-Fi throughout the territory. The hotel is located next to the Sian Kaan Biosphere Reserve..

On the coast there is another of the prestigious and chic hotels – Be Tulum. It has 64 rooms worth up to $ 2000 per night, they are decorated in a rustic (brutal variety of country) style. Some suites have their own hot tub and swimming pool. The hotel constantly receives the highest rating from visitors. In addition to traditional snorkeling fishing, vacationers can swim with dolphins.

There are, of course, budget options – this is a hostel with a price per night from 900 rubles. (amenities for several people), apartments / apartments with amenities, the cost per night from 3000 rubles.

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About food

In Tulum, the main food is Mexican, but there are enough places with European, Indian and other cuisines. In hotels everywhere food at the highest level. But in local cafes and restaurants you definitely need to look. Since Tulum became a celebrity destination for New York City, restaurants, bars and cafes have also transformed. The most demanding gourmets will be pleasantly surprised by the variety of the menu

Coqui Coqui

a lounge and cocktail bar was opened opposite the Coqui Coqui Hotel, bringing “a little bit of New York to Tulum.” A huge bar with 350 seats is right in the jungle, chandeliers hanging from the trees. Guests will enjoy a wonderful snack menu and a variety of cocktails.

The rural open-air restaurant Hartwood was opened by two Americans who came from New York in 2010. It serves only organic food made from local produce. Light and music run on electricity derived from solar panels. The restaurant is open from 18.00 to 22.00 from Wednesday to Sunday. September-October institution does not work.


Next door is another exotic establishment Arca. The restaurant is also located in the jungle under the open sky. Tables are lit with candles, here you can taste Mexican cuisine using local products. Special treats are prepared for children, and adults will be able to try unique cocktails. To protect against insects, Copal wood resin smoke is used, which is used by the Mayan peoples during their rites.

Right in the heart of the wooden statue is the vegetarian restaurant Raw Love. Fruit and nut bowls are served for breakfast, and at lunch you can enjoy avocado toast, raw carrot cakes, organic soups and much more. In addition, there is a great service, yoga on the sand, massage on the beach.

If you are tired of the local cuisine, in Tulum there are many restaurants of Brazilian, Indian, Mediterranean and European cuisines. On the rock, 12 meters high, there is an opportunity to try Thai dishes.

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To see how to cook real Italian pizza, enjoy live music – all this is provided by the Manglar pizzeria. In El Asadero there is a relaxed atmosphere, food is cooked right before your eyes.

A little digression. The resort has a lot of vacationers of model appearance with a perfect figure. So, being in such an environment, somehow pizza does not really want to eat.

In establishments within the city you can eat for 200 MXN, in the resort area prices will be much higher.

About evening rest

Parties in Tulum take place on certain days. Therefore, you can ask at the reception where to go today. For example, in La Zebra on Mondays you can see how professionals dance salsa and try to perform basic movements.

What to bring

For shopping, you need to go to Avenida Tulum. With the locals, you can bargain and bring down the price by half – the Indians quickly go for it, but the Mexican will have to be persuaded for a long time. If you make several purchases in one store at once, you can count on a large discount.

What to bring from Mexico? Of course tequila, which can be inexpensively bought in Cancun in the supermarket Chedraue (corner Av. Tulum & Av. Coba) or Wallmart. The best coffee also sold there. The most famous café de olla. Traditional drinks can be bought at the airport of Cancun, where they are cheaper. Try the unique Mexican chocolate in the form of cocoa powder, in bars, from which you can make a drink or use for baking.

Local Flavor

The markets present a large number of textiles with a Airsial local flavor. Hammocks made of handmade 100% cotton are another unique souvenir. Mexican hammocks are durable, they can lie along and across. The best, bright hammocks made on the Yucatan Peninsula. In Tulum, you can easily buy a colorful copy of the product.

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In Tulum, a huge number of jewelry stores. The quality of the products is good and the prices are affordable. The products sold in the Supermarket San Francisco Food Mart. By the way, there you can also buy a camera for cooling products – a necessary thing for relaxing on the beach.

Tulum is a combination of sophistication, romanticism, relaxation, carefree and exquisite taste. Check it out by visiting a Mexican resort

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