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Getting Around Denver: A Short Guide

Lily Berns

If you consider moving to Denver or exploring it as your vacation tour, you have to think over how to get around. Most popular places are within walking distance, but if you plan to enjoy the Rocky Mountains, and have no car, a car rental app is what you have to use before planning the trip.

So, what are the most possible places around Denver and how can you get there? Denver has the nickname “The Mile High City” as it is located one mile over sea level. It is a Colorado capital and a city that is sunnier than Miami Beach, having more sunny days than more southern states. The city offers many places inside the city that you can reach on foot, and lots of national parks around, where you will need a rental car.

Denver Aquarium

There is one thing that you will never expect to find in the city in the middle of the country, the Aquarium. It is a massive complex located downtown that has more than a million gallons of saltwater. More than 500 species of water creatures from the Indian Ocean, South Pacific, Hawaii, and the Caribbean have found homes in this aquarium. It will be interesting for all types of tourists, offering the Aquarium restaurant, the Nautilus Ballroom, and an interactive Stingray Reef touch tank. There is no need to rent a car to visit this majestic sea world.

Use a bike

If you want to avoid traffic in Denver, think about using bikes on your vacation around the city. Denver has 82 rental stations where you can get a bike and return it to the one close to your place of destination. People can make use of bike trails, 85 miles of bike paths, and bike lanes around the city. What is important, respect wild nature when you meet animals in the city limits, do not feed and pet them. Denver offers historic sites, numerous parks, hiking trails, and comfortable downtown Larimer Square where you can feel better using a bike instead of a car. Bike networks are going better every year and bikes turn to be more popular by locals.

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Do not stay in the city

When you are getting closer to Denver going from the east, you observe enormous mountains on the horizon. However, Denver is one mile over sea level, it is not a mountain city. You will need more than 2 hours to get to the mountains on the horizon, as Denver is actually located in the South Platte River Valley at the western part of the High Plains.

So, consider taking a Denver car rental under 25 if you want to get closer to the mountain amenities. Anyway, remember that some people who live at different sea levels can feel breath shortness, so avoid physical exercises the first days of your journey, and drink more water to keep the body hydrated.

When you feel better in this climate, do not stick to the city, as the outdoors in the mountains is amazing. Do not forget to secure the permit if you want fishing and camping. Scroll down to know more about outdoor destinations.

Red Rocks Park

15 miles west of Denver there is Red Rocks Park and Amphitheatre. It is a stunning outdoor place for concerts and various entertainment amenities. It is a natural formation made of rugged sandstone and many artists have performed there to get the ideal sound. If you are a music fan, consider this open-air concert show as a part of your vacation.

Mountain Bike at Buffalo Creek

The Rocky Mountains’ front range is a paradise for all types of mountain bikers. Find a place for a mountain bike in your car rental if you go on a mountain vacation when there is no snow there. The best location is called Buffalo Creek, 23-mile trail conformity you can find an hour west of Denver. It provides a frequently smooth singletrack trail that drops and climbs nearly 3,000 feet in elevation. The trails and paths cross in multiple loops so bikers can tailor the ride to how far they need to move. 

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Ski Country

If you arrive in Denver in winter, it is your chance to enjoy skiing resorts that are numerous in the Rocky Mountains. Summit County is known as the best skiing location in the world. It is also a great area to visit in summer, but in winter you can feel its charm most of all. Here are a few of them:

  • Copper Mountain is a modern summer and ski resort for cross-country skiing, snowboarding, tennis, golf, and outdoor recreation. 
  • Breckenridge is a 130-year-old Victorian city with colorful chalets and delicious restaurants. 
  • Silverthorne and Dillon are small towns on the shores of Lake Dillon famous for a great number of outlet shops. 
  • To feel the Old West atmosphere, go to Frisco, another old mining town of the Victorian ages. 
  • Not far from Summit County, skiers can explore Vail, the largest ski mountain in North America, and the most popular in Colorado.

Upside down

If you favor the outside traveling, there are so many places to explore and areas to go to in the mountains. But, don’t limit yourself from exploring just by land. Approach for the stars and strive for a hot-air balloon voyage! Grab a ride over the Rocky Mountains and observe the astonishing scenery from the best angle possible. There are hot-air-balloon companies conveniently settled near Denver. Charges may alter, depending on the season, club, and kind of voyage. It may not be affordable, but it is certainly meriting it. For those who never mounted in a hot-air balloon, don’t worry, there are directions and restraints. A must-do for first-time guests of Denver.

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