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Get Complete Muktinath Yatra From Kathmandu With Divine Kailash

Divine Kailash

Muktinath Yatra From Kathmandu is the most thrilling, adventurous, and memorable trip of Nepal. It showcases the beauty of the mountain range, the culture of Hinduism, natural flora & the fauna of Nepal’s finest mountains, including the Manakamana Temple, which is on the top of the hill surrounded by mesmerizing Himalayan Mountains. This is one of the most enchanting attractions in the world that cannot be described in words. It is also one of the most revered pilgrimage sites in Hinduism. You can go to Muktinath Yatra From Kathmandu via the scenic Manakamana Temple route.

Visit Manakamana Devi temple is included in the package (4 Km walk). The Muktinath Yatra From Kathmandu itself takes about 5 hours and passes through green villages and small settlements. For those looking to visit Muktinath from Kathmandu, the guide offers you the best Muktinath Yatra package for visiting Muktinath. They also provide additional services and help you prepare and leave for your route with ease and efficiency. The tour package covers all aspects of visiting Muktinath, including your sightseeing, guide and porter charges, transportation costs, trekking costs, meals, etc.

Highlights Of This Muktinath Yatra From Kathmandu

The Muktinath Yatra From Kathmandu takes you deeper into the Himalayas in just four hours. The road to Muktinath is the last paved stretch of highway in Nepal before it disappears into 3500 m mountains and valleys filled with high-altitude flora and fauna. Marvel at the terraced rice paddies, which are typical of Nepal villages. Drive through open land often dotted with trees and lush vegetation for your best view of Mt. Dhaulagiri (the 6th highest peak in the world), which is particularly scenic when the mountain is covered in snow. Bringing you close to nature; it’s a trek that is recommended because of the diverse landscapes and villages along the way. You pass through green hills and mountains in Kathmandu to reach Manakamana Temple (4 Km walk).

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From there, you continue the journey for Muktinath’s Yatra- a four-hour drive that passes through beautiful landscapes and high mountain ranges such as Thorung La Pass (5416 m). For this particular tour, You can book an extra night in Muktinath to visit Ghorepani and Poonhill. Once you reach Muktinath, all the travel fatigue is gone. Your arrival in Muktinath marks the completion of Muktinath Yatra From Kathmandu. In Muktinath, you begin to explore this holy junction which is a junction of many mystic paths. The religious importance of this place is depicted in various mythologies from all across the globe. Since ancient times, this place has been a shrine for Indian, Tibetan, and Buddha, and Buddhist pilgrims.

Have Riskfree Muktinath Yatra From Kathmandu With COVID-19 Precautions

This is a special section dedicated to all of the clients taking part in Muktinath Yatra From Kathmandu. With the risks of COVID-19 [19] and serious diseases such as Avian flu and H1N1, You should avoid visiting Muktinath and surrounding areas for the time being. Carrying certified vaccination certificates and recent medical reports is mandatory for every Yatri who will be participating. If you have already entered Kathmandu, please ensure thorough body disinfection and compulsory vaccination certificate. Remember to take additional warm clothes and a sleeping bag. For more information regarding the Yatra from Kathmandu, Contact with Divine Kailash ASAP!

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