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Corona-Free Destinations in the World

Corona-Free Destinations in the World

The world is surrounded by Corona-virus disease. Most of the worldly nations are affected by this deadly virus and the countries banned traveling. But still, there is hope. Not now, but you will be happy to know that several holiday destinations in the world are corona-free and safe as yet. We Spent our Summer Holidays in Morocco last year and now aiming to go to selective destinations that are safe and can entertain our holiday break well. In this blog, I’m giving you an idea about such places that are safe but it does not exactly mean that you can visit them in this Pandemic situation.

Destinations in the world that are Corona-Free:

Here is a list of such destinations that you can visit them without any fear of the Coronavirus. But for safety, you should visit after the situation comes in control.

Greece – Book You Break this Summer

You can book your perfect Break in Greece this summer. It is to tell you that it does not mean that Greece is all safe from coronavirus but comparatively from other holiday destinations, Greece has less number of coronavirus cases and it can be hoped that the by the arrangements and precautions from the government and people, Greece will not face a big amount of loss.

Corona-Free Destinations in the World
Photo by Alexandre Chambon on Unsplash

Where you can go to Greece? This is important. Corfu – Santorini – and Mykonos are said to be corona-free zones you can visit in Greece. The UK has banned its international travel. You can not travel outside or inside the country at any cost so there is an emergency situation all over the world. But I can hope that the situation will come to the normal soon and travelers can move to their favorite destinations. For that, you can book your trip in advance by knowing which countries have less danger of coronavirus and can be visited after the lockdown in the world lifted.

The first is Greece, which is comparatively safe. So try to get the latest updates from the various destinations from the country. It has a lot of destinations that can be visited just after the ban lifted.

Malawi – African Country

Destinations in the world that are Corona-Free

Malawi is said to have less corona-virus affected as it has less number of coronavirus cases. So when the travel ban is lifted, you can think to travel to Malawi. It is a perfect summer vacation spot for the Europeans. I recommend you all the traveling people, must try the destination as many of my friends have a very great experience of them being there.

You can visit Liwonde National Park, Lake Malawi National Park and Majete wildlife reserve to have amazing natural experiences. Mumbo Island can also be your option. Whenever I will visit the place, I would also add Kande beach in my bucket list destinations to visit in Malawi.

Destinations in the world that are Corona-Free

See the packages of Malawi Holidays on the internet which are very cheap and affordable from the United kingdom. Now the African countries have banned the entrance of people from other regions but just after the ban lifts, you can stroll on the beautiful national parks and islands of the beautiful natural holiday destination.

Lesotho – Another Potential Holiday Destination

Lesotho is one of the other less dangered destinations that you can think to visit after the coronavirus worldly travel ban. Why Lesotho? This is a glamorous natural holiday destination and has every thrill which you need to have in your holiday experience.

Corona-Free Destinations in the World

Kaste Dam is a destination worth visiting in Lesetho. Maletsunyane Falls, a dreamy place you should not miss to visit if you are planning to take ultimate pleasures in Lesotho. Boking natural reserves are also worth visiting. Also don’t miss taking an opportunity to taste the traditional dishes of Lesotho. My community friends told me about the traditional dishes of the place. It is so inspiring.

Soloman Islands – A dreamy Holiday destination

Soloman Islands is one of the other very great holiday destinations. It has a lot of little, beautiful Islands to visit. Although it is not safe to visit the destination right this moment of global emergency, you can book Soloman Islands Holidays in advance so you can get the affordable packages. What do you need to visit in the Soloman Islands?

Corona-Free Destinations in the World

Renell Island, a perfect recreational destination you should visit during your trip to Soloman Islands. It ould have multiple activities for you. Bask and soak the sun, have a strolling experience on the edge of beautiful water or eat on the beautiful settings of the destination. It is all amazing.

Lola Island, Marovo Island or Kavachi can also serve you the same pleasures. The reason should be to enjoy your holidays with ultimate luxuries.

I recommend you to book the resorts along with your tickets. It will lessen your hassle during your holiday experience.

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