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Best Tinggly Gift Boxes

David Denk

Are you someone who loves to tick-mark experiences from their Wishlist? Or are you someone who loves to give people the gift of experience? We all fall in either of the two categories. The real struggle is not to face our fears but to find a travel company that recommends reliable experiences. Luckily, some companies are dedicatedly working towards bringing us adventurous trips and experiences from around the world.   

Tinglly is a globally running e-company that allows us to share and gift experiences to each other. The company was founded back in 2014, and ever since then the Tinggly team is planning and curating gift boxes for us. You must be wondering if these gift boxes have items. Well, no. These gift boxes have a trip planned for you most zealously.  

The Tinggly gift box is delivered all around the globe within a week. There is no other experience gift that gets delivered in such a short span around the world. For someone unsure of what to gift their loved ones, the Tinggly website is a brilliant creating and we applaud the brains behind the web design. Each experience is sectionalized with thorough research. Be it for your partner or parents, you can find a suitable place for them to have fun and chill peacefully. 

Tinggly’s gift suggestions are extensive, and to save you the search time we short-listed a few of their must-avail gift boxes. Don’t forget to use the Tinggly promo code for a discount on your Tinggly gift box.

Gifts for Couples

Is there anything more romantic than a couple on a trip together? Each time a Hollywood couple takes a trip together, Instagram posts flash ‘it is getting serious” so we know how big a trip together is. Luckily, Tinggly knows this better than most of us. A whole section is dedicated to couples for experience gifts.

The craziest part is, the sections are further divided into sub-categories of moods and types. For instance, if a couple wants to take a fun trip together, they can scroll through that section. And if the newlywed wants to spend quality time together while experiencing nature’s beauty then they can search the Just Married section.

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We know how uncommon it is for old couples to plan and get excited about romantic trips. This is why the Tinggly gift box will help you gift them an unforgettable gift. You can gift your parents a Happily Ever After Trip. The gift box is an eco-friendly trip which means your parent’s health will be prioritized while allowing them to enjoy.

Getaway Gifts

In today’s time, when life is worrisome. It is important to refresh our mind and take it off the daily rigmarole. Tinggly gift box for mini getaways is a perfect solution for anyone who is distressed and is looking for a short-time distraction. Under the getaway gifts, you can find options for one-night stays as well as quick country exploration trips. 

For someone, who is exhausted from the monotonous work life. Two-night stay trips are instant relievers. As Tinggly operated all around the globe, you can select whether you want to take a trip around the States or want to explore the European side. There is an extensive range of places you can choose from the USA getaway trips. 

Pack your bags and take a trip on weekend, you can plan a trip to Hawaii as well as go on a San Franciso Getaway. Each Tinggly gift box is eco-friendly. They make these trips eco-friendly by removing plastic from our packaging. You are encouraged to take part in their initiative and get rid of plastic and polythene as much as you can. 

Solo Trips

Do you love to spend time alone and explore the world? Well, Tinggly is all about celebrating experiences. If you want to travel solo, fret not Tinggly is your trip partner. The company looks after all our needs and only comes up with the best ideas to elevate our experience. 

For someone who is not an avid traveller, select the Key to Europe. As Europe is among the top tourist attractions. But if you are looking for something specific, scroll through the Tinglly Bucket List, we are sure you will be able to tick mark a few places from your Wishlist.

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If you are wondering how Tinggly works, and how can you send a Tinggly gift box then the process is simple. All you have to do is select a gift box, then Tinggly will send an e-voucher to your giftee. They will further pick one experience trip from the box you’ve chosen and that’s about it. A memorable trip is set to be experienced. 

We hope this article helps you gift your loved ones, the gift of amazing experiences with Tinggly. 

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