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Manish Rathi

The Winter season is the best time to go out to travel or trekking. When we are going out for a trek, we have to be preparing mentally and physically. First of all, we

need to decide Where we go?, How to go? Where do we stay there?, and the most

important thing without which every trek is impossible .i.e., Cost. We must be

decided where we spend how much. For deciding all of this someone must be trek

at least 2 times or for the beginner everything planning is impossible because

they don’t know the place where they stay? how to go?

So, if you are a beginner and decided to go for the Triund trek then I’m going to guide

you to all of your queries that disturbing you to going for the trek to Triund.

Triund is a small hill station which is situated in the Kangra District of the state

Himachal Pradesh. Triund is a part of Dharamkot. Triund is at the foot of the

Range Dhauladhar at a height of 2,828 m. And you have to be kept in your mind

that the cold is at its extreme.

how to reach 

If you are from Delhi and you are planning to go the Triund trek then you have 2 ways to

reach Kangra. One is the roadway and another one in flight. If you choose the

roadway it takes 8h55m which directly reaches the city but if you choose flight

it’s not directly land on the city, it’s land outside the city then you have to

book a cab which took 3h10m to reach the city. If you asked me what I choose? I

choose the roadway by bus because it saves almost 4000.

After reached Kangar you first checked in to the hotel. Here you have not be a

stingy person because after the trek your body wants to rest for recovery from


pain and a good sleep gave you freshness and energetic vibes. The few hotel

lists according to me are Hotel Sri Garden, Federal Hotel Kangar Perlis, Ban

Cheong Hotel, and Hotel Seri Malaysia Kangar. If you are going with your

friends then you have a benefit over here, you can rent a villa from RS.2000 to

RS.5000. Otherwise, you went to Mcleod Ganj and book the hotel room over here.

Everyday morning from the Mcleod Ganj bus stop at 9 AM you catch the bus which took you to a

small temple which is known as Guna Devi Temple. Guna Devi Temple is only 3 KM

far from the bus stand so, you can reach the temple by a fresh morning walk.

For my suggestion, you can walk and reach there because your body became warm

and your all joints open for trekking so you can’t get any injury during the


about trails of around

Your original trail of the Triund trek starts from the temple, Guna Devi. It’s a

short but steep trek. Triund is the ideal destination for searching for a

hassle-free taste of trekking in the Himalayan. During the trek, you may find

only oak and rhododendron tree in the steep climb. You can also find various

singing birds in the forest along the trail which makes this trek a

birdwatcher’s delight. After walking 9-10 KM you reach Leta village, which took

almost 4-5Hrs. It means you have to spend the night over there. You don’t need

to carry any camping stuff with you because the villagers provided the camping

facilities but no ATM you find over there and the internet is not so good so

have cash with us to pay the rent. One thing remembers that you must carry some

warm clothes. You enjoyed the night view of the mountain, bonfire, and many

more activities. The next day morning came down from Leta village to Guna Devi

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Temple in the same way and it’s taken not more than 3Hrs.

I hope it helps you to prepare yourself for Triund Trek. The beautiful carpet of Triund is waiting for you and we hope this article will help you to find your

way. Have a happy and safe journey.

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