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Grab These Wireless Phone Charger & Fast Wireless Charger 25% OFF

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Wireless Phone Charger

Wireless Phone Charger, also known as Inductive Charging, is an efficient and cable-free way to charge your devices. Using a wireless mobile charger is faster and easier and more convenient than plugging in cables. Just place your phone down on the charging pad, and it starts charging immediately – no need to free up your other hand to find and connect a cable. 

Wireless phone chargers are fully customizable and come in various shapes and sizes. With one on your nightstand, on your desk, even in your car, it’s easy to keep your device charged up all day. 

Fast Wireless Charger

Wireless charging pads will work even through a thin plastic phone case up to 3mm. So you don’t need to compromise with your fancy mobile covers. Wireless charging is just as fast if not faster than using conventional chargers. Wireless phone chargers keep up with the trend of lightning-fast charging and are a convenient way to charge our devices.

According to surveys, repeated plugging in and unplugging of the cord can easily wear off the charging port of a mobile phone. But this new technology of wireless charging reduces strain on the charging port. 

Wireless charging is seen as a safe way to transfer power, the fear of electrocution by exposure to damaged cable ends in ruled out by wireless phone chargers. Also, they are able to deduce the amount of power required by each individual device which prevents it from overcharging and damaging the mobile’s battery. 

Wireless Charger For iPhone

GenZ is often termed as the lazy generation but this laziness is what inspires us to simplify life and bring efficient and innovative technology.

We at JBTEK offer you the best wireless phone chargerswireless phone chargers for carswireless phone chargers for android, wireless chargers for iPhones. We run behind the satisfaction of our customers and ensure the best value for money. JBTEK has the best range of wireless charging pads which are sleek, designer, and are made of premium quality. The charging pads are durable and efficient enough to give our customers a reason to have one.

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Our Wireless phone chargers are not only made for android phones but are also compatible with working iPhones (IOS devices) as well. Just as we follow the social distancing norms, avoid direct contact with your mobile from charging and go wireless. 

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