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How to use Windows Screen Recording Software?

screen recording software by windows
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Computing devices are common these days, and from layman to business professionals are using laptop and desktop PCs. However, the use of windows computer devices has become a headache for parents that used to of watching teens spend most of the time in the digital world.

 On the other hand, business professionals are facing challenges in terms of productivity. The contemporary laptop PCs are beneficial, but at the same time, negative usage can put teens and business professionals in trouble.

Therefore, parents and employers are trying to keep an eye on kid’s and employees’ activities on windows PCs. You can get to know about the activities of the target person with the windows screen recording app.

Windows Screen Recording Software

Windows screen recording software in a nutshell!

It is one of the most advance and powerful features of TheOneSpy windows monitoring app. You can install this application on the target device and get access to the web portal to use its features to monitor the target laptop and desktop device.

The application was particularly developed and designed for setting parental monitoring and to monitor employees of a business organization. So, parents can protect children, and employers can protect their business and increase productivity keeping an eye on the workforce respectively.

The application has a user –friendly interface and easy to install on the target windows PCs. Furthermore, users can use the above-mentioned feature windows screen recording to get the job done singlehandedly. However, users can also use other features like screenshot on-demand, browsing history, view installed applications, and surround recording. Moreover, users can use email tracking, widows GPS location, and activity logs.

Users can install it on the target device having physical access on the target device and upload the information remotely to the dashboard. For more details, you can visit its customer service and get information via live chat.


It is compatible with laptop and desktop computing devices running with the Windows operating system. Furthermore, user can secretly monitor all the activities happened on the target device without the target person knowing.

Windows Screen Recording Software

How to get & use windows screen recorder software?

If you are looking forward to recording someone’s windows device screen to know about the activities that happened on the target device. Furthermore, you need to go through the official web page of TheOneSpy. Once you are on the web page, then you need to subscribe to windows surveillance software. You will receive an instant email and you will provide the password and ID. In addition to that gets physical access on the target device and starts the process of installation.

Now end up with the process of installation and activate the windows screen recording software for windows on the target device. Now users can use the password and ID and get access to the online web portal. In addition to that, users can get their hands on the best and powerful tools to monitor the target device. Let’s get to know about the details in the following.

Use windows monitoring app powerful tools on windows

Live screen recording

Users can remotely get access to the target PC using the online dashboard and activate the windows screen recorder software. Users can remotely perform windows screen recording in terms of back to back short videos of the screen and deliver recorded videos to the dashboard. Users can watch all the recorded videos and get to know what they are doing on their PCs.

On-demand screenshots

End users can remotely get access to the target device screen and you can schedule plenty of screenshots –on demand. Once you captured screenshots then send it to the online dashboard.

Window GPS location

Users can remotely get access to the web portal where you can use GPS tracker to know about the current and exact GPS location of your lost or theft windows laptop device.

Internet history

Users can get access to the installed browsers on the target window device and get to know about the visited websites and bookmarked webpages.

View installed applications

Users can remotely get access to the target PC and view installed applications list alongside the names. It became helpful for the users and easy to manage the applications.


TheOneSpy windows screen recording app is the best tool to set parental control and to keep an eye on employee’s activities. It is the best way for parents to control their kids from the different dangers which disturbed parents and their kids in the future.

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