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Why you must prefer Positive Displacement Pumps in Food Industry

Suganm Appac

The population growth ignited the parallel increase of food consumption directly and indirectly through any form. 

The equipment up-gradation resulted in the reason behind the invention and introduction of different new food products which greatly initiated the practice of using positive displacement pumps. The food packaging industry has shown enormous growth with more than 3x times. People started accepting more preservative beverages compared to fresh juice. 

Food items that are high viscous are hard to transport within the defined temperature range in the factory. The dependency for pumping the foods are great and it resulted in reducing the time wasted on the independent movement of the items in the pipes. The transition speed of the food items in the pipes greatly depends on the pump used in the operational process. The most common suggested pump is the centrifugal pump. 

After the realization of the working output of the positive displacement pumps, many food industry key players started to replace the existing pumps with PD pumps. Displacement pumps created a new evolution in the food industry. 

Pressure Becomes Ineffective

Positive displacement pumps highly differs from centrifugal pumps though both serve the same purpose and goal. In Centrifugal Pump, Pressure applied to the pipes is reliable only to the low viscosity items. Thus minimum force is not enough to achieve the complete transition of the food items. 

The excess pressure builds up within the pipe result in developing the risk and accidents in the food transmission. The breakage in the food item transitions piles up the incomplete food items and gets stagnant over a period of time. 

As the shelf life of the foods is very less, it is very important to complete the transfer of the foods of defined fed quantity. The pressure and air voids of the pipe result in improper transfer and the overall operation time is comparatively high.  The centrifugal pump also depends on the pipe selected for the food transmission. 

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