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Why system slow after installing the McAfee?

Novella Johns

McAfee is known as one of the best antivirus programs which offer both freeware and paid plans. When the user installs McAfee antivirus, he can access the device and web securely. This antivirus program can remove all suspicious and malicious threats. Some McAfee users face speed errors after installing the McAfee setup. Your system can get a speed issue after installing antivirus due to numerous reasons.

Check the McAfee compatibility

When the system is running slowly and the screen is freezing from time to time then check the compatibility. Users sometimes forget to check the specification of the McAfee setup and install the incompatible one. The program starts conflicting with the system as it is unable to get the resources. Go to your McAfee and check the resource requirements. If the setup is incompatible then you need to uninstall it. Remove the McAfee setup and then get a compatible McAfee setup.

Increase the hard disk on the system

If your McAfee slows down computer then you should inspect the free space on the system. Your antivirus will start showing down the system when you scan the system under low space. McAfee needs free hard disk space to run and scan the device. If the space is low then clean out all the unnecessary programs. Users often install lots of programs on the system. Check your programs list and click on the unnecessary programs. Hit the Uninstall button and programs will be removed. Now remove the cache from your device. Go to the system and check the free space. After increasing the space, your system will start running at a good speed automatically.

Update Windows OS and programs

Programs slow down the device when running outdated. Open the programs folder and click on the programs one by one. Hit the Update button; it updates available then installs it. After updating your programs check the system speed. Now, go to the Update and Security page of Windows. Hit on the update button and it will start checking for updates. The Windows update will install automatically on your device. Restart the system to apply all updates and then try to run a program.

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Delete the programs from the background

The speed of your device decreases when some software programs are processing in the background. The background programs use the RAM cycles and other programs start running slowly. Users should check the background programs and remove the unnecessary ones. Press the alt, ctrl and Del key simultaneously. You will get the Windows security wizard on the screen. Choose Task Manager and the Windows task manager page will open on the screen. Now, click on the Application page and choose the programs you don’t need in the background. Select the End Task option. Now close the tab and try to run McAfee on the device.

Restrict McAfee antivirus from the startup

McAfee is a security program that protects the system at runtime. When you open the device, McAfee starts with Windows. If your device is running slow then you can restrict the McAfee from startup.

  1. Go to the Run
  2. Type msconfig and press OK
  3. Windows System Configuration Utility page will open
  4. Choose the Startup tab and the user will see the programs list will start at the runtime

Click on McAfee from the list and uncheck the box. Now close the page and restart the device. Now your McAfee antivirus won’t start at the startup and the speed of the system will increase.

Clean system cache and junk files

Junk-like system cache and temp files are unnecessary files. These files use lots of system-free space. Your junk can also start conflicting with your programs and slowing down the system. Open the programs and remove all the cache. Now move to remove the temp files. Users can clean the remaining junk from the device by using the system junk cleanout tool. Users can run cleanmgr on the command screen. It will scan and remove the junk from the device. After clearing all the junk from the device; your system will start running at a good speed. McAfee also gets the user into speed and scans errors when some of the program files are missing. You can reinstall the whole McAfee setup to fix the program files related issues. After reinstalling McAfee, your device will run at a good speed.

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