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Why is my laptop getting the charging error?

Novella Johns

When you plug in the power cable and your laptop doesn’t show the charging wizard makes you worry. If the laptop is not taking the charge once the system is dead then you can’t use it. The error on laptop charging can occur due to various reasons. When your device is not charging; you should check the power cord and the AC wall outlet. The common reason behind the charging error is the faulty cable or drained battery. But you get the laptop plugged in not charging HP issues due to various reasons. Before visiting the laptop repair shop; you should try a few manual techniques for fixing the laptop charging issues.

Check the AC outlet

Before you start seeking other solutions. Check for the AC outlet. It may sound silly but most of us do these things regularly. People connect the charger to the AC outlet but forgets to switch it on. When the battery of your system is not taking charge, inspect your AC outlet. Sometimes the user connects the power cord to the fault electricity outlet. Try charging your phone or another electronic device to inspect whether the outlet is working or not. If the AC outlet is faulty then use another AC outlet for charging the laptop. But when the electrical outlet is working but your laptop is not charging then seek other solutions.

Check the laptop’s battery

Your laptop won’t take the charge when you are using a bum battery. Every battery has a life span. If the charging error is appearing on the old laptop device then there are high chances that your battery lifespan has completed. Check the laptop’s battery whether it’s working or not. Follow this technique only when your device has a removable battery. Uninstall the battery from the system. Now press the power button for a while. The remaining change on the laptop will get drained. Now connect the power cord to the device. If your laptop device is working fine without the battery that means your power cord is fine but the battery is not. Reinstall the battery on your laptop and now check for the charging. The battery charging issues can appear when the battery is not properly installed on the laptop. If the battery is still not charging that check for other solutions.

Check the charging ports and power cord

Most of the laptops have a specific port for charging. But there are also few laptop models which allow other ports for charging. But that doesn’t mean that all the USB ports are powerful enough to use as the charging port. You must use the high power port for charging your laptop. Make sure to inspect the cable as well. Some laptops allow USBs for charging the system. But can’t use the low-speed cable for charging your laptop. Your laptop is a very powerful device hence you need a high-speed USB cable for charging it. If you are using a poor-speed cable then switch it with a high-speed USB cable for charging your laptop.

Check your shorts or breaks in the power cord

When you have dogs/cats at your place then make sure they don’t chew your power cord. Pets often chew the wires and cables which lead to kinks or breaks. Inspect the power cord that it is in working condition. If you see a cut on the power cord and then wrap it with tape then you may harm the laptop. This type of faulty cable not only gets you into charging issues but can also damage the whole motherboard due to a short circuit. If you don’t want to damage your whole device then never use those cables. Also, clean the power port for removing the dust. The charging error on your Windows device can occur when the AC adapter driver gets outdated. Check the driver on your device and update it immediately. After installing the update, restart the laptop and try to charge it. If your laptop is still showing the error then you must ask for technical help.

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