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Why invest in advanced video wall control software?

VuWall Technology, Inc.

Video walls are in high demand in today’s workplace because of the incredible increase in productivity that they provide. Consequently, to maximize their use, it is essential to ensure that they come equipped with excellent audio and video quality, but also with an easy-to-use, yet powerful software. The right video wall management software will increase the video wall’s versatility and effectiveness. Unfortunately, many IT and AV managers shy away from video wall control software and settle for the control tools that comes with the displays, limiting themselves greatly. Whether they are afraid to add a level of complexity or they don’t have the budget, investing in a video wall certainly merits an investment in the right video wall software to unlock the video wall’s full potential and to the surprise of may, actually simplify the deployment of a video wall system. In this article, you will learn why you must invest in high-quality video wall software to run on your video wall.

Video Wall Control Software

A good video wall control software lets you display different types of content on large screens or video walls seamlessly. High-performance software ensures that you can easily switch between video feeds and alternate between different content sources instantly. The right software allows users to arrange their content sources anywhere on the large screen with the utmost flexibility.  Of course, the highest quality software typically runs on a video wall controller,which is an appliance that can be purchased from local audio-visual integrators. Some of the most important features of video wall control software are:


Video wall control software is used in many highly secure and government facilities that have dedicated control rooms with elaborate video wall systems to monitor constant surveillance feeds. High-quality video wall control software is required to run these systems efficiently as they must be extremely secure. The right video wall control software offers encryption protocols to protect any sensitive content on the network and can ensure that the content being visualized on the video wall is protected. Today, most organizations would expect their content to always be protected.

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Video Quality & Latency

A top-quality software can easily manage live video feeds and display them simultaneously on large screens at multiple locations without any latency. With such large displays, it is important that the software can render the feeds in high resolution without any pixilation or artifacts. Hence, a good software that resides on a powerful video wall controller with sufficient processing power is important for use in applications where video quality and latency matters.

Information Sharing

In organizations that have multiple video walls and displays, a centralized video wall management software platform would be great value-add. The software would allow users to share content between the video walls and between a video wall and any display on the network that may be located in a meeting room or a director’s office.

Highly Customizable

Today, video wall controllers can bring a high degree of customization options. Operators can decide which camera feeds need to be displayed and in what manner. They can also choose their position and size on the large screen. The right software will provide an easy-to-use interface that will allow users to reposition and resize their sources with drag-and-drop operations. They would also be able to save certain layouts and recall them at a later time. This can be useful for shift changes or during specific hours of the day when the viewership of the video wall changes. Advanced video wall control software would even allow users to create their own customized control panels that they could run on any html5 device. Again, with easy drag-and-drop, users can easily create their own control panels to perform various actions such as launch a specific layout or run an emergency message scrolling text.

Constant Updates

Good software providers will always send you technical updates so that your hardware is always performing to its fullest potential and always running the latest and most up-to-date software.

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VuWall provides high-quality video wall controllers with the most advanced video wall control software, enabling the complete centralized management and control of any type of video wall. Their video wall experts are friendly and happy to provide advice for your project.

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