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Why do Network Cabling Companies Prefer Cat6 Blue and White with Plenum and Riser Jacket?

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An Ethernet data cable has an outer covering called a jacket that protects the inside wires. This jacket is available in a variety of styles and colors to suit your needs. The National Fire Protection Agency founded the National Electric Code (NEC). And is 600 pages large and potentially complicated, is the source of all jacket styles.

The exterior jacket’s composition has no bearing on whether the cable is Cat5e, blue cat6 plenum, or anything else on the inside. Whether we’re talking about Ethernet data cable or cable TV wire, the fact is the same. The material of the outer jacket has no bearing. Before we get into what Ethernet data cable you’ll most likely see for sale and how to use it. Let’s look at what Ethernet data cable you’ll most likely see for sale. The terms listed below should be familiar to you.

  • The acronyms HVAC (heating, ventilation, and air conditioning) stand for heating, ventilation, and air conditioning.
  • Plenums are the areas above and below floors that the HVAC system frequently fills. Whether or not a specific duct is present, this empty air gap is routinely used to move air throughout.
  • The term “riser” refers to something that is vertical, usually inside walls or between levels.
  • The bulk of cable jackets is made of PVC (polyvinyl chloride). PVC is a common kind of vinyl.

Network data cable installers frequently utilize jackets of the CM, CMP, CMR, or CMX varieties.

Plenum Rated (CMP)

Plenum-rated cables, also known as (CMP) cables. These cables are designed for use in situations where there is air circulation and return air. HVAC plenums and airflow between the ceilings are two of the most typical plenum sites. Your rooftop is another typical location for plenum cable. Plenum cable has the advantage of being able to withstand greater temperatures. That may be present on your rooftop during certain months of the year. White Cat6 Plenum and plenum blue cable offer the greatest fire-retardant standards, making it ideal for high-traffic locations. It has an LSFRPVC jacket, which produces less smoke and slows the spread of fires. Inside the Plenum of a commercial structure, an HVAC system was installed. This can include an office, school, hotel, motel, and more.

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The Plenum is a potential location for cabling installation. As easy as this is, it comes with its additional concerns of fire and hazardous smoke.

  1. The Plenum area is an excellent means to swiftly route a fire and its associated smoke from one location in a structure to another.
  2. Without a Plenum rating, PVC cable will help in the spread of a fire. With the resulting extremely hazardous smoke penetrating common living/working spaces. This might result in anything from instant death to long-term health problems.
  3. The cost of cat6 plenum yellow cable is higher than that of non-Plenum cable. The installers will not be the ones to make the final choice. Local fire codes, insurance restrictions, and even client requirements will decide if Plenum is necessary.

Riser Rated (CMR)

It’s possible to utilize PVC cable with a riser rating. A cable having a riser rating can be used to move vertically between floors inside walls. The fire resistance is usually owing to a Teflon coating on the cable or fiber strands baked into the jacket. That limits the cable’s capacity to transport a flame. The smoke and gases produced if the cable really burns are harmful.

Riser-rated cable is the most common jacket type on the market, and it is significantly less costly.

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