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What’s Coming in WordPress 5.8?

Ranjeet Kumar

WordPress, one of the widely used platforms for developing web pages and mobile applications. They keep on updating their features and functionalities from time to time to facilitate the developers with the new technologies.

The companies and business people are also keen to hire wordpress developer so that they can develop the apps as per the new techniques.

The new version of WordPress is around the corner and is all set to release in mid-July 2021.

WordPress Development Company has already started departing knowledge to their developers about the possible changes in the new version and how it would benefit them.

Custom WordPress Development Company helps their clients with the customized solutions which match the requirements of their business.


Below mentioned are the new features which will be experienced by the users:

Template Editor is being introduced

The new version of WordPress 5.8 will be accompanied by the new feature which enables the full-site editing that is called Template editor. This will be possible using the block editor.

Also, this editor will allow you to create and save the templates for the website being created by WordPress so that it can be used further for any other post or web page.

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When one switches to the Template editor, then the user will be given access to add site editing blocks. Some of the important blocks are mentioned below:

  • Site Title
  • Site Logo
  • Post Title
  • Query Loop
  • Post Date
  • Post Tags
  • Page List
  • Log In/Log Out
  • Site Tagline
  • Listing the web Page
  • Blog Post Identifies

The function is completely functional, so the designers and developers always have the option to disable the same. The Template Editor trusts the theme of your WordPress and then accordingly inherits its own styles.

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SeedProd can be used to create very customized landing pages as per the requirement irrespective of which WordPress theme the developers are using currently.

New Blocks as Widgets User Interface

By using the option of ‘Customizer’ or by visiting the page, ‘Appearance > Widgets’, the users will be able to experience the change in the same.

These blocks bring flexibility to the WordPress sidebar widgets One can use various styling options without using or installing any plugins for the same as spacing, using colors, typography, and other designing tools.

WebP Images are involving WordPress:

WebP refers to a brand-new style of documenting the images or pictures which is to be utilized on the internet.

By using WebP photo style, the size of the pictures will certainly be reduced by 25-34% smaller which can be easily fit in the documents in PNG and .JPEG format as well and that too without compromising with the quality of the image.

In the current version of WebP, one cannot sustain the pictures and when the users submit a WebP photo then an error occurs. But in the new version of WordPress 5.

Improvements in the existing Block editor

Block editor screen is the area used by the user or developers to create and edit the content. Some of the major improvements in the Block editor are mentioned below:

a) New Blocks added

Some of the new blocks are added to the screen like Site Logo, Site Title, Page Lists, Site Tagline which helps the users to showcase the lists of posts from a particular category in different patterns and ways. Hence, this enables the users to easily create their portfolios using these blocks.

b) List View Panel is added

This option can easily be switched on and off and as the title suggests, it refers to the way of viewing the total list of blocks on a certain page. Overall gives a quick sneak peek to the users.

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c) Newly introduced duotone filters

This is one of the cool features introduced which enables the use of images effects in the media blocks like in galleries, images, etc. It comes with a limited number of preset colors along with some third-party blocks. One also has the flexibility to create their own custom preset.

d) Selection of the Parent Block made easier.

A toolbar button is given in the new button which can easily enable the selection of Parent Block. And the grouping of blocks was already possible through Nested blocks.

e) Beautiful, handpicked patterns

In the new version of WordPress 5.8, if one searches for a block then automatically some patterns will be recommended by the editor which can be added to your designs easily.

The users can also convert the blocks into different patterns using pattern transformations.

f) Select Tool is improvise

In the updated version of WordPress 5.8, when one selects the different block-type buttons then it is the highlight. Also, using the new Block handles, blocks can be easily move up and down.

Upgradation in the existing blocks

Several other changes are taken in considiration in the existing blocks, which always smooth up the editing work, these are mentioned below:

a) Button Block

In the new version, the users can even give the space in the button blocks.

b) Additions in Group Block

Styles, Spacing, and HTML elements are new options, which are added to the Group Block.

c) Column Block

The flexibility is given to give space and set colors in the column blocks.

d) Table Block

In the new version, now one can change the background as well as the text color in the Table Block.

e) Block of Social Icon

In the new version, one changes the alignment position of the social icon.

f) Embedding PDFs is now possible

The new version allows one to embed the PDF into the blocks without installing any kind of plugins. The user can also preview the file, change its alignment, and download the PDF whenever required.

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The above new features of WordPress showcase how the new version is going to bring many positive changes which will enable the users to use different functionalities more aptly.

Just a few of the features in WordPress 5.8 need testing, rest all is perfectly workable and ready to serve the users.

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