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What is reddit Explained in a simple and understandable way

Brian Pauler

You must have asked yourself “What is Reddit?” We will address this question below and tell you what it is about.

The abundance of social media platforms continues to grow. Facebook, Instagram, etc. are usually used very often, but Reddit is also at the forefront. However, the question often arises: What is Reddit? To give you an overview, we will go into it and explain everything you need to know about the platform.

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What is reddit The most important information in advance

First things first: Reddit is a hodgepodge of countless news, forums, communities et cetera that was founded in 2005. If you come across the website for the first time, you will quickly notice that it is kept quite simple, but the wealth of information is all the more enormous. But what is Reddit anyway? Put simply, Reddit is a social news aggregator with a number of forums. Users (also called Redditors) can discuss in so-called subreddits, suggest new topics and so on.

Subreddits are sub-categories of which there are millions. Individual topics are dealt with here. This can range from film to sports to politics. In the end, there are no limits here. In addition, Reddit is based on user experiences and interests. The front page is a timeline on which, for example, the most important topics of the day appear.

You can also determine yourself what should be shown to you, for example by subscribing to subreddits. This is useful if you want to make your feed more individual.

What else can be found on Reddit? These features are also available

Another special feature of Reddit is that the social media platform is partly based on a points system. Users can up- or downvote the subreddit. Depending on how the post is rated, it also ends up higher up in the post. In this way, a greater reach can be achieved, among other things, since more users then see the post because it is simply displayed higher up in the subbredit.

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Based on upvotes and downvotes, there are also karma points for every user: in. Here you can see how the quality of the user is: in. Logically, more karma points also mean greater popularity. But what else is Reddit?

There is also Reddit Gold. As the name suggests, this is a premium version. Those who choose to do so can, among other things, deactivate advertisements, see more subreddits and comments, test beta functions and so on. Reddit Gold costs around $ 6 a month.

So what is Reddit now? A reservoir for countless forums and discussions

Basically, there is a subreddit on almost every topic on Reddit. Almost all subject areas are covered and there is no end in sight. Basically, Reddit is one of the most visited websites in English-speaking countries, but Germany is actually in the top 5, according to Statista.

The question, “What is Reddit?” Should now be answered. But if you do use other social media platforms or want to start with a different one, we have a few tips ready for this too: For example, you can post something on Instagram . You can also fill your pockets with contributions. Here’s how you can make money on Instagram.

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