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What is OST PST. How To Convert OST to PST Manually

Jon Granier

Summary – OST also known as Offline Storage Folder is often used by users to access emails in offline mode. But sometimes users wish to convert OST to PST files because in PST format the file is stored on the platform itself and can easily be transferred whenever required. There are many approaches to convert OST to PST manually but all these techniques may not be suitable for every common user. So, here I am revealing some methods that will help users to convert the files effortlessly. Before going in depth in this topic let me give an overview of OST File and PST File.

OST File Overview

OST File is basically a folder that does not require any internet connectivity to work. Here, users can continue their normal activities in absence of server. The OST files are local storage of Microsoft Exchange Mailbox that pile up all your emails, contacts, attachments, calendars. notes etc.

PST File Overview

PST File is also called as Personal Storage Table. It is basically a file format that is used by Microsoft applications to save calendars, contacts, email messages etc. within the software.PST files are specifically used to save archived items.

Reasons to convert OST to PST

Now-a-days, it is a common scenario to convert .OST to.PST File. However, there are some specific reasons for which user wants to convert files from OST to PST.I am mentioning here some of the possible causes.

  1. Exchange Server Collapse – when a computer application gets collapse the server connection is stopped. In such a scenario, you cannot use an OST file until it gets convert into a PST File.
  2. Exchange Server repair – As the OST files is linked up with the exchange server, a user will not be able to access the files. So, to regain access of the files, the user needs to convert OST to PST.
  3. System change – Users can open their OST files on the actual system from which it was started. So, if system changes you cannot open it to any other, unless it gets converted to PST.
  4. Virus attack on mailbox – every system is prone to virus attack. OST files are likely to get affected by software malfunctioning, hard disk failure, server destroy etc. In this situation, users want to convert OST to PST.
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Manual Methods to Convert OST to PST

There are three possible methods to convert OST to PST. I am describing each method elaborately with their steps of implementation.

Import Export Method

 To follow this method, you have to perform the steps below –

  • First, you need to sign in to the outlook using an Exchange account.
  • Then click on File and choose Open & Export.
  • Now choose the Import Export option.
  • Here chooses export to a file option and tap Next button.
  • Now select Outlook Data File(.pst) and select Next.
  • Here, you have to choose the folder that you want to export and then click on Next
  • Now select your desired location for saving the new PST file.
  • After you have chosen the location click on the Finish button.

Archive Method

To follow this method, you have to undergo with the below steps –

  • At first, open your Outlook account.
  • Next click on the File option.
  • Now choose Archive from the list.
  • Next, select the file you want to archive.
  • Select destination for the new archive file.
  • Finally click on the Finish button.

Drag and Drop Method

To follow this method, you have to execute the listed steps-

  • First, open your Outlook account.
  • Now here you have to create a new PST File.
  • Next select and pull all the folders you want to see in the PST File.
  • Finally, select the Done option.

With the above three techniques, the manual method to convert OST to PST free ends here. No doubt that these are the best free methods available to users for exporting OST to PST format. But manual methods also have certain limitations in its own, and the users should be informed about it. I am disclosing here some genuine difficulties associated with this approach.

Drawback of Manual Approach for Convert OST to PST  

  1. It is not suitable for any beginner or non-technical user.
  2. This is a lengthy and time-consuming activity.
  3. The file size is limited in this process.
  4. Some items in the mailbox get restricted for conversion.
  5. It is a very complicated process.
  6. No guarantee of data safety or integrity.
  7. High chance of file loss or misplacement.
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However, if you are now worried about what can be the best solution to convert OST to PST Online. Then don’t worry, I have a reliable solution that is even recommended by experts of the industry. It is a professional tool that does your work very efficiently without hampering your important files.

Professional Tool to convert OST to PST

The DRS OST to PST Converter is a smart software that is designed to export your OST files into PST. It can not only transfer file into PST format rather it works for many other file formats like MBOX, PNG, PDF, EML, TXT, CSV, HTML, DOC, JSON, etc. Data security is highly maintained by the software at the time of converting files from OST to other file formats. Moreover, the tool is also functional in exporting OST Files to different email clients such as Gmail, Yahoo, iCloud, Office 365, Yandex Mail, HostGator Email etc. If you have a large quantity of OST files for exporting then also  the software can easily convert them in a one shot . Any non-technical or beginner user can run this application and perform the export task successfully. The tool is power packed with some excellent features that makes it unique from other software’s that are available in the market.

Notable Features of The Convert OST to PST Tool

  • This software is capable of removing duplicate files at the time of conversion process.
  • The tool is commanded with advanced features to easily convert even the highly corrupted files.
  • The software offers a preview option to users before going for final export of the file.
  • The tool allows users to skip the attachment files at the time of conversion.
  • This software provides a download report for future reference of the process.
  • The software is fit to run in all Windows versions like Windows 10,8.1,8,7, Vista, etc. It is also capable to work in MS Outlook 2019,2016,2013,2010,2007,2003.
  • The tool facilitates users with a free demo version.
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Final Verdict

In this article, I have given a detailed overview of OST and PST Files and has also mentioned three different methodologies to convert OST to PST. Along with this, I have also tried to highlight the practical difficulties of the manual process which otherwise looks very easy. However, to overcome from the issues of manual approach I have bring up a trouble-free solution as well. Users are advised here to go thoroughly with the points and choose the best alternative for an effortless convert process.

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