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What is McAfee’s subscription policy?

how to get a refund on mcafee subscription
Suzanne Shanks

McAfee is a famous cybersecurity company that offers numerous advanced antivirus programs and other security tools. From a freeware program to paid tools; you can easily install any setup for McAfee.

For the premium plans; it provides a subscription. The user has to purchase the subscription and then he can use the advanced features of McAfee.

Installing McAfee and purchasing a McAfee subscription

Before you install the setup; you must check the specifications of the device. Now search for the McAfee program which is compatible with the device. Users have to create an account for McAfee to get the subscription.

  1. Open McAfee website on the browser
  2. Hit on Sign in button and fill in your details

After creating the account; click on the plan you want to install. The user has to enter his billing details for purchasing the subscription. Always provide the genuine email address; the user will get the setup on the email. After the billing process; the user will get mail from McAfee.

Open the mail and check for the URL, receipt, and product key. Tap on the URL and your setup for McAfee will start installing. The user will get the product key wizard; type the key and select the activate button.

Restart the system before using a new program. Now open the McAfee dashboard and run your scan.

How to get a refund on McAfee subscription?

When a user doesn’t like the tools of the installed McAfee program; he can claim a refund. But some programs of McAfee may not be available for the refund. Check your McAfee subscription for a refund.

The user will get a refund if he cancels his subscription within 15/30 days (depends on plans). Users can cancel the subscription from the McAfee account.

  1. Open the browser to visit McAfee 
  2. Log in to the McAfee 
  3. Tap on Profile and select the Subscriptions
  4. Users will see the McAfee plan
  5. Tap on the Cancel button
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You will be asked for a refund. Select the Yes option and provide the details. The user will get a refund for the McAfee subscription and then the plan will expire. But the user can still use the free tools of McAfee antivirus. 

Purchasing McAfee subscription on Android

McAfee antivirus also provides premium plans for Android. Users can get that application directly from the Play Store. Search for McAfee and then install its setup. Open McAfee on the system and then click on the Premium option. Tap on the buy now option and check for the plan. Provide details and purchase the subscription.

Now users can easily use his premium McAfee application on phone devices. When you are using the multi-license McAfee setup; you have to generate the product key.

Open the primary device and then generate a McAfee product key for Android. You can use that key for activating the McAfee premium plan on the Android device.

Auto-renewal service on McAfee

The subscription for McAfee antivirus is provided for a time. After the expiry; the user has to renew it. Users must renew the subscription timely otherwise it will expire and the system will become vulnerable to threats.

In case, the user is planning to use McAfee for a long time; he can enable the auto-renewal feature. The auto-renewal feature is available only on regular plans. If you have the special McAfee setup then you can’t use the auto-renewal. Check the plan of your McAfee for the auto-renewal feature. 

  1. Open McAfee account on the system
  2. Tap on Profile and open subscriptions window
  3. Users will get the auto-renewal feature
  4. If it shows Off status then toggle the switch to ON

A confirmation wizard will appear; click on the Yes button. Now it won’t show the expiry date. Your McAfee license will not expire and you can use its features reliably. 

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Renewing your McAfee antivirus using manual steps

When the McAfee setup doesn’t have the auto-renewal feature then the user has to renew the subscription manually. If you want to prevent expiry then renew it ahead of expiry.

The new subscription will start when the previous is about to expire. In case, the user wants to use another program of McAfee then wait until the previous subscription expires. Uninstall the existing McAfee setup and then install the upgraded McAfee antivirus on your device.

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