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What Is a Banner and How to Make One with Free Tools?

Ema Jecy
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Whether it’s on websites, emails, blogs, or social media, the use of banners is one of the most popular ways to advertise companies, products, and campaigns. In short, it is a strategy to publicize a business.

It is common to see companies that hire professional designers to create elaborate, unique, and attractive advertisements. However, entrepreneurs and small business owners may not be able to hire a full-time professional or freelance for this, and some still wonder what a banner ad is and how it can help them.

If that is your case and you are looking to make a banner with tools that facilitate the creative process, keep reading to learn everything you need to know.

What is a banner?

It is a graphic advertising format that aims to make products or services, campaigns, offers or promotions, brands, or even invite a specific action, as with banners that serve as call-to-actions.

Today it is even possible to create banners with sounds and animations that facilitate attracting visitors’ attention to click on them and are directed to a landing page.

Best tools to create ad banners

Now that you have learned what a banner is, this list presents you with the best tools to easily and quickly create a banner. Many of them are completely free or with a small fee.

Of course, creating graphic arts without prior knowledge can be a challenge. Still, with a study of the tools at your disposal, some references, and determination, it is possible to create banners that are sure to attract your audience’s attention.

Without further ado, here is the complete list:


It is one of the complete online visual editors. Canva can be used for free from your browser or through an app for smartphones.

This tool has a friendly interface so that users with any level of experience and knowledge can create banners with various preset dimensions. However, there is also the option to make banners with custom dimensions.

It stands out for its image bank and offers ready-to-use templates in different formats with design ideas that can be used to create impressive graphic resources.

You can even upload images of your products and your logo to create a banner with all your identity.

This tool also makes it possible to create covers and publications for Facebook and Instagram, business cards, invoices, newsletters, and various other graphic material options.

Another great advantage of using Canva is the security of having your designs saved in the cloud, which allows you to make future changes and download again in case you lose the first file.


FotoJet is an online editor option that has everything you need to make a banner that looks made by a professional. It offers ready templates to edit from different sizes, a complete collection of photographs, and the option to upload your images.

It is a tool whose use is straightforward, and you do not need registration to edit or create banners and have advanced text customization options, edges, shadows, and more.


Initially, Venngage was presented as a tool to develop infographics. Still, it has evolved over time and now offers numerous options and templates for graphic designs, among those templates for ad banners, images for YouTube channels or Facebook profiles, White Papers, and more.

With Venngage, the editor can use images made available by the editor and an extensive collection of vectors or even upload your pictures and edit them with filters, texts, stickers, and other elements.


Fotor is an online image editor that has some tools similar to Canva, although somewhat simplified.

This tool makes it possible to create free online advertising banners through a wide variety of ready-to-use templates, although you can also create something from scratch if you wish.

Fotor also offers different free graphic elements, fonts, and backgrounds to create designs. However, some options will be available only to users using the Premium version.

It is effortless to create different graphic arts formats with this tool, but it is worth noting that one of its limitations is that the file upload is limited to 50 MB.


Snappa is an easy-to-use online ad banner creation option recommended for beginners with an extensive collection of ready-to-use templates in different formats, be it square or rectangular.

It provides access to an image bank with more than 5 million files and the opportunity to create highly creative images, even without advanced graphic design knowledge.


When creating an advertising banner with Befunky, you will have access to all the essential resources a graphic resource editor needs to offer.

It offers several ready-to-use design templates that are organized in different commercial categories. It is also possible to upload your images to edit them and insert various elements the platform has.

If you like to create banners using photos, this editor can be a good option because it has excellent resources to edit and retouch photos.

It is worth mentioning that Befunky has an application for smartphones.


Desygner is an editor with all the tools to create a simple and quick online banner. The best thing is that it is friendly with beginners.

You can upload your own images, use images from your collection and customize the variety of available design templates it offers.

This tool also has additional functions for premium users, among which the option of extracting file sources stand out, access to logos files, and a video library.


Crello is a very practical online editing tool. Although it offers a limited number of free elements and photos, it is possible to create your banner with available resources.

The most interesting functions of Crello are the videos and animations that can be used to create animated advertising banners.  

If you want to edit by mobile devices, you can use your Android and iOS app.


Do you already know how to make an advertising banner for your brand?

Now that you know what a banner is and the best options to create them, hope you can find the tool to adapt to your needs and skills. So, if you want to get an event, just feel free to make a banner to get more exposure.

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