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What are the must-have features of windows server Hosting?

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Features of windows server hosting – Windows servers surely aren’t as popular as Linux; however, many people prefer to use them. To run your website on windows, Windows hosting is the right track. This post is devoted to shedding some light on the essential features of windows server hosting. Read through the end and look out for the hosts that can offer the best and Cheap Windows Hosting services. If you aren’t familiar with this hosting, this brief intro will help you understand it. Windows Hosting is a type of hosting with Microsoft Windows as the server operating system. It can effectively support all the Windows-specific technologies and programming languages such as ASP.NET, Microsoft Access, and Microsoft SQL Server (MSSQL), etc. The greatest benefit is that Microsoft offers regular updates to level up your hosting environments by keeping them secure and free of bugs.

Must-have features of Windows Server Hosting

Extensive Windows Frameworks Support 

As already mentioned, that windows server can support Microsoft technologies. However, many Businesses have Windows-Based Applications working with Windows-specific code, and many have ASP.NET built websites varying according to their niche and business needs. So your web host should be offering extensive yet reliable assistance in this regard. Bear in mind; Not only simple, but it can support the advanced versions—for instance, the 4.0 version of ASP.NET. Otherwise, you can’t get the most out of your hosting solutions due to compatibility and stability issues.

Web Development Tech and software Support 

Likewise, above the website or app might have incorporated the other technologies aside from Microsoft or .NET. So your chosen Cheap Windows Hosting services should be capable of supporting them, for instance, PHP or other third-party integrations.
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You can get the Windows operating system on any of the shared, virtual private servers (VPS) and dedicated configurations. Websites grow over time so are their resources demand. The increased resources requirements call for hosting scalability. So the agency that is going to be your windows host should have rapid and flexible upgrade and scalability options.

Excellent Security Measures 

Vulnerable security serves as a gateway to attacks and hacking. So unbreakable security is the top requirement from the features of windows server hosting. Many measures can be included in this regard, such as SSL certificate, DDoS protection, 24/7 network, and server monitoring, etc. So check out what level of security your host provides.

Round-the-clock Customer Support 

Not to mention, customer support is the most debatable feature of any hosting, no matter the type, scale, and pricing. However, it is essential to all professionals and non-specialist as any issue can surface anytime in the server and website management. Additionally, most of the issues require you to call the experts specifically. So 24/7 is imperative to all cheap Windows Hosting Plans. Also, all possible mediums should be at hand for support like live chat support, call support, email support, and ticketing. It would be best if you scan over the reviews and comments of the previous and current users about the support availability and quality. Then, it is best to be sure whether to sign up with the services or not.


Windows hosting has different plans with various hosting assets. In addition, many web hosts pricing vary with the hardware you choose for your virtual server. In short, you can choose the one that provides all the amenities pertaining to your needs. First, however, you need to substantiate that it does not involve any price gimmicks. Mostly, too-low cost pricing does not focus on quality services, so while opting for cost-effectivity, be watchful of the standard.
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Besides, it’s true that Windows servers are a bit pricier than Linux. However, cheap Windows Hosting Plans are readily available to get started with the online presence and web applications. In addition, these plans typically encompass all the customized tools and services.

Final Words! 

The above said are the essential aspects that will let you be benefited from your windows server in the long run. It does not matter you are a small business, startup, or enterprise; windows servers can be an ideal choice. All in all, you just have to sign up with a professional web hosting company to get seamless yet Cheap Windows Hosting solutions. Navicosoft serves all niche businesses with top-tier Windows solutions with three days free trial. Besides, it is fueled with all the latest features of windows server hosting that will aid you to have a functional website with robust performance.

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