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What are the Advantages of Technology in Our Daily Life ?

Hollie Taft
In today’s time, we are living in the age of technology. We just cannot imagine our lives without technology. It doesn’t matter whether we are inside our homes or outside.

Technology Controls Our Lives

If we are at home like most of the people are at present because of pandemic related restrictions, we are totally dependent on technology for our survival. For example, we use the mobile phone, or the landline to talk to our friends, colleagues, or family members. If you want to check your

If we want to work, we will need computers, laptops, and tablets which are again technological products. Once we open our computer, or the laptop, we will need the internet to connect to the world wide web or our favourite channel on Indian social media like connect app, hello and others.

Next, if we wish to entertain ourselves, we switch on the LED TV, or the music system. Further, we need cable connection or the dish antenna to watch those amazing programs on our TV sets.

And when we go to the kitchen, we use electronic equipment like a microwave oven, refrigerator, food processor, mixer grinder, and electric chimney. These days, we use modern lighting for interior decoration which is again a product of technology.

We are Dependent on Gadgets

Even while we are relaxing in our bedrooms, we need windows, or split air conditioners to maintain temperature and provide relief from the oppressive weather. In cities like Delhi, Mumbai, and Kolkata, every house has an air conditioner.

Therefore, we can say that in the present time, technology has become an integral part of our lives, and there isn’t even a single area where technology hasn’t made inroads. Moreover, we have also become used to modern equipment like electricity, TV, fan, air conditioner, smartphone, computer etc. In short, we cannot survive without technology.
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Popular Technology Equipments and Services We Use

Home Appliances
In today’s time, you will hardly find a home where you don’t have Fans, Air Conditioners, Electric Motors, Inverters, Generators, Power Supplies, Music systems etc.

  • For Educational and Household work
You will need things like a computer, laptop, tablets, internet, printer, digital camera, electric iron etc.
  • For communication
Mobile phones, landlines, fax, and internet service.
  • For entertainment
Television, Home theatre etc. For Washing and Cleaning Washing machine, Dishwasher etc.
  • For Transport
Motorbike, Car, Scooter, Train, Aeroplane, Bullet Train etc.
  • For Kitchen
Electric oven, Micro oven, Mixer Grinder, Refrigerator, Food Processor, Induction stove etc.
  • For Health and Fitness
Medicines, BP metre, Glucose Metre, Treadmill, Stepper etc.

How Technology Helps Us ?

Technology helps us in multiple ways

We can easily book train or flight tickets even while sitting at home. Besides, there are many apps we can use to get the current running status of trains or flights.
  • Home education
There are many online courses that students can join to improve their skill and knowledge. Technology helps in accessing information, and updates while you are sitting comfortably at home.

The Internet played a very important role during the lockdown in facilitating online classes for schools and colleges. You can use channels such as YouTube to learn many things and save a lot of money that you usually spend on tuition and coaching.

  • Free calling and free video facility
You can take advantage of channels like Whatsapp, Messenger, Skype, and Google Meet for free audio and video calling. You can talk to our friends and loved ones for an unlimited period for almost free. Earlier one used to pay a lot of money for making international calls. Nowadays, you can talk to anyone in the world by just sitting at home.

  • Household Work Made Easier
Now, we have appliances like a micro oven, mixer grinder, refrigerator, induction stove that has made household work much easier. If someone wants to wash his clothes, he has an automatic washing machine to do the job.
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  • Home lighting
Now CFL bulbs with LED technology have replaced old electric bulbs and fluorescent tubes. They are energy efficient and also emit more light. We save a lot of money that we spend on electricity. People are also switching to alternative sources of energy like solar energy technology which is extremely cheap and pollution free.

  • Cheap fuel
Now women mostly use LPG, or PNG at home for cooking. These methods emit less smoke that positively affects their health. In villages, bio gas is also used for the purpose of home lighting and cooking which is again a very economical mode of energy. In automobiles, CNG gas is used which has reduced air pollution to a great extent.

  • Protection against Diseases
By using modern technology in healthcare and medicine, now treatment of incurable diseases like dengue, measles, chikungunya, Japanese encephalitis, cancer, and hepatitis is possible Every day, new research and discoveries are taking place in the modern medicine that has increased the general quality of living of masses.

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