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Website Design Trends for WordPress in 2021

Elma St Clair
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Carrying a tech interest will make you habitual of surviving several heart attacks when you see the silly mistakes people are making with their websites nowadays.

It happened to me on a fine morning when I sat on my study table, put my hot chocolate cup on a pile of books, and turned on my laptop to explore a new topic.

I decided to dive deeper into the website design trends of WordPress and find how we can improve our user experience. But when I clicked on some website link, it totally ruined my mood and made me compelled to share those ridiculous mistakes with my readers so that they can avoid them.

First, let me share some of the worst website designs so that you can overcome them if such useless options exist in your websites too.

1. Pacific Northwest X-Ray Inc – The visit to this website will surely make you think about what are these people trying to deliver? Look at the User Interface; it is obvious that the color scheme, layouts, typography, text, background, navigation, or maybe everything is totally disturbed and the worst combination.

The visitors will never be going to have their services by visiting their website that has no sense of styling. Duh! Let’s move to the next one.

2. Arngren – This will make you shocked and laugh at the same time once you visit this. The content of this website is not properly arranged, managed, and when it comes to the pictures, forget it. Sorry for taking you to another worst website design trend, but you must know about it.

3. Mrbottles – You might curse me at first glance when you visit this website, but you will realize when you start analyzing the design options and overall layout. Start scrolling down the website and have a look at the text, layout, structure. Oh my GOD! Everything is messed up, and readability is zero.

Well, the above-mentioned worst examples of WordPress design trends must have made you worried and, of course, ruined my hot chocolate. But, now, let me make you feel relaxed by writing an awareness blog for switching to the world-class WordPress design trends. But, it is not everyone’s cup of tea to build a flawless website, so there is an option for you, hire a WordPress agency that will surely help you to develop websites that meet all the fresh web-trends. Before that, a short introduction to WordPress is necessary.

WordPress is the most prominent and leading platform for designing and developing the website of any niche. Many kinds of web blogs, eCommerce websites, online academies, and portfolio websites can easily be built on WordPress. There are some particular factors for keeping the latest WordPress design trends in mind that we should consider while making a WordPress website.

Moreover, there are some specific design options that we can use to build personal and professional eye-catching websites.

Mind-Blowing Design Options in WordPress

WordPress gives you the power to customize your website in your own way and mold the shape of your website as per your preferences. There is a wide range of design options available in WordPress, but we will shed light on some of them that everyone must know about.

  • WordPress lets you add paddings, margins, borders, and the radius of your websites.
  • WordPress lets you add images to the background and customize them according to your requirements.
  • WordPress lets you add the video background on any page of your website. It entices the user in other ways.
  • WordPress lets you add a gradient background to match your branding theme.
  • WordPress lets you incorporate the parallax background that stays behind your content and scrolls along the sidebar.
  • WordPress lets you build responsive websites that fit on every website.
  • WordPress lets you add custom CSS animation effects to attract visitors to your website.
  • WordPress lets you divide the sections and shape of your website.
  • WordPress lets you add the drop shadow of different shapes existing in your website.

There are a lot more jaw-dropping facts about WordPress that you can find out on the internet. Let’s move to the topic before further ado. In the end, we will add a bonus section in which we will discuss the best design tool elements to keep your website updated with the latest WordPress design trends.

1. Sharp Color Scheme

Colors give your customers a joyful experience that is an ultimate benefit to your business. To put this WordPress design trend on top has some essential reasons. The sharp and vibrant colors catch the attention of website visitors and make them stay longer on your website, increasing the chances of purchasing your products.

Most UI/UX designers focus on color schemes and invent bold color palettes for upcoming websites. If you check the WordPress themes, colors are the main point of observation while building a WordPress theme.

Suppose you do not have an idea or sense to make a perfect color combo for your website. In that case, you can check various online color palettes for inspiration and invent your own branding color for recognition in the market.

2. Augmented & Virtual Reality

Since technology is moving faster and spreading its wings to every corner of the world, augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) are prominent in the list. When it comes to the travel agency, 3D construction, and apparel industries, these two technologies help take your business to the next.

The AR and VR functionality lets you gain the best user experience and add beauty to your website. It is one of the popular WordPress design trends that most website owners adopt for adding value to their businesses. 

You can add AR, VR images to your WordPress website’s gallery to make the user experience more realistic and generate leads. According to the research, Virtual Reality is expected to reach $34 billion by 2023 and a combined total of $94 Billion, including augmented reality, by 2023.

3. Vector Illustration

In today’s era, you can find vector illustrations on almost every professional website. It has become the widely used and latest WordPress design trend. However, trends are not always the same; they vary on a timely basis.

In 2021, it is one of the most adaptable trends to walk on a first-line. With vector illustrations, it becomes convenient to convey your message to the visitors by moving illustrations.

From a marketing perspective, it is considered the valuable and efficient design element that helps multiply sales and generate leads.

4. Background Image Styling

To entice your visitors, background images play an essential role. The most trending and captivating background image styles are listed below.

  • Parallax – In this effect, you can upload a background image, and when you scroll up or down your website page, the rest of the image will appear on your website home screen.
  • Hero Image – It covers a significant portion of your website homepage, and almost every website contains a hero image. Also, there are WordPress plugins available to customize and set your hero image.
  • Video Backgrounds – The short and sweet video background leaves a remarkable impact on your visitors’ minds. The storytelling video background is the current fashion in the website designing industry.

5. Responsive Designs

The more your website is responsive, the more positive response you get from your visitors. Nowadays, people are using mobile devices for performing any task such as using websites, appointments, and purchasing online. Therefore, your website should be functional and work with every device.

If your website is not responsive enough to be opened on mobile or tablets, then it is a drawback and friction to your success. It is one of the top WordPress design trends to make your website operational on every device without disturbing the content.

6. Sliders

Sliders are the most helpful element for showcasing your products or services to website visitors. They help you grab your visitors’ attention and compel them to make purchases from your website.

Slider is an opportunity for the website owners to display their content and a graphical touch and animation to entice the visitors. Also, it enables you to set the duration of changing the slides automatically or let your visitors change them themselves.

7. One Page Website

The must be discussed point of WordPress design trends is a one-page website. If we had not discussed it, it would have been a loss because the short and straightforward website design fashion is quite popular and trending these days among website designers.

Most companies are trying to build only one-page websites to keep them simple and direct to their visitors and customers. You do not have to be tech-geek; you can easily create a one-page website even if you are a beginner. 

People also call it a portfolio website, but it would be wrong to say that one-page websites are only portfolio sites. The professional agencies are shifting to such websites and meeting the market trend.

NOW! It’s time for the Bonus Section! Excited? We discuss the top three website builder tools that give you the best user experience due to their latest WordPress design trends.


Call it a king will not be wrong because it is one of the best and widely used page builder tools for WordPress websites. The beauty of this tool is that it can be used by beginners and experts easily. The core plugin is free to use but to unlock all the features, you need to pay a small amount for its subscription.

What’s interesting about Elementor?

  • It comes with different extensions to improve the user experience.
  • There are 300+ pre-built templates available in this plugin for quick webpages building.
  • The drag and drop feature can make your work easy.
  • It offers a bulk of widgets to build buttons, headlines, forms instantaneously.
  • It gives you the power to control your WooCommerce online shop conveniently.


Divi is the product of elegant themes and was developed under the supervision of expert developers to avoid troubles. Opt for this page builder if you are looking for a great combo of theme and page builder. The users can try Divi for free, but they must purchase its license to utilize all the features.

What’s interesting about Elementor?

  • Just drag and drop the tools in Divi and see your web pages ready in a blink of an eye.
  • Improve the styling of your web pages by making alterations in the custom CSS code.
  • Enjoy the live preview while writing the content with its inline text editing feature.
  • Use global elements and manage your website design.
  • Get your edited content back with the undo, redo, and revision functionality.

Your turn to follow the WordPress design trends!

Keep in mind that trends are made to change with time but to keep yourself updated according to the trend, you must know about the current trends. This blog will definitely help you in following the WordPress design trends 2021.

That would be all for it. It’s your time to see whether you’re on the right track or you need to work on it to make your website fashionable. Also, I need to make myself another hot chocolate.

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