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Top 10 Virtual Event Management Companies

Saanvi Patel

With the recent advancements and transformations, we have understood that virtual events are here to stay. But, any virtual event requires a strong base of an online event platform to deliver immersive and bizarre experiences.

With the rising demand for virtual event services, it has become more essential to choose your event platform thoughtfully.

In this blog, we’ll walk you through some top virtual event management companies that can help you create unique virtual and hybrid event experiences;

What are Virtual Event Management Companies?

The events industry witnessed a notable pivot after the COVID-19 outbreak. Continuation of events was a major concern and, this is why everyone chose to adapt the virtual event solution to ensure the growth of their industries.

We understand that with the adaptation of a new culture comes different challenges and hurdles. Hence, hosting events virtually also required a lot of strategies and appropriate planning to leave an impactful impression on the attendees.

The best virtual event companies leverage the latest technology and digital tools to make your events super engaging, interactive, and productive.

What is the role of Virtual Event Companies?

Virtual event services intend to recreate the experiences of a physical environment. They make the most of tools like live chat features, interactive tools, detailed insights, customized options, and more to organize a successful online event. Their key features are;

  • Customized branding
  • Customer support
  • Detailed analytics
  • Endless networking opportunities
  • Engagement tools
  • Seamless navigation
  • Live chat
  • Live-streaming
  • Social media integration
  • Automation
  • Secure and trustworthy

Top 10 Virtual Event Management Companies


Recognized as an ideal virtual venue partner, it lets you host 100% customizable and scalable events. The platform can create an immersive 3D stage to deliver immersive event experiences. Besides this, they can also provide dynamic banners, GIFs, 360-degree tours, and a virtual lobby to create a similar physical event environment. It offers multiple customized templates and branding options to boost brand value and help organizations obtain more leads. Also, the stage includes networking lounges, breakout sessions, live polls, Q&As, and games to keep the attendees engaged during any hybrid or virtual expo, trade show, conference, or career fairs. With networking as a significant factor, Dreamcast offers endless opportunities to let attendees, exhibitors, and speakers interact and make new connections. With events happening virtually, Dreamcast understands the importance of measuring its success to learn if the event goals have been fulfilled.



An event management service that is packed with powerful features and innovative tools to create unique virtual or hybrid events. Their platform holds interactive live polls, contests, and Q&A rounds to promote attendee engagement. With features like 1:1 meetings and discussion rooms, audiences can seamlessly engage and make meaningful bonds.


Host immersive virtual events with super engaging tools and features to deliver an impactful impression on the audiences. They provide endless customization options to recreate the experiences of a physical environment. EventMobi excels in creating interesting event websites and engaging features to enhance the dwell-time of the attendees on the platform.


The platform has adopted the latest tools and variations to host successful hybrid and virtual 3D events. Live streaming, virtual networking, ticketing, engaging tools, and seamless registrations are some of its top features. Eventcube’s Broadcast feature allows self-service, stripped-back ticketed video streaming to improve the platform experience for the attendees. One of the essential traits of Eventcube’s platform is customization. Their virtual atmosphere is a combination of creativity and thoughtful planning. It permits sponsors to promote their brand, content, products, and services to a large group of a global audience.


Here comes another distinguished virtual event software that helps you host flexible and memorable online events. With the adoption of the latest industry trends and features, you can choose Bizzabo as your virtual venue to conduct successful webinars, conferences, meetings, and many more. From creating attractive event websites, offering seamless digital registrations, to driving enhanced audience engagement, Bizzabo excels in all. Their virtual environment also enables organizers to give their events a personalized touch.


Known for hosting successful virtual and hybrid events, Airmeet helps you customize your platform to create a unique brand experience. From seamless registrations, conducting live polls, meaningful interaction with the speakers, to obtaining detailed insights, Airmeet lets you perform all of these excellently. Their enterprise solution is designed to welcome 100k participants at a time. With unique integrations and features, attendees can obtain remarkable experiences as key takeaways of the event.

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Thinking to take your events online? Reach global audiences, conduct successful live and semi-live webinars, meetings, fairs, and trade shows with the platform’s impressive 3D designs and extensive customization abilities. vFairs is an all-in-one software that provides seamless navigation, excellent engagement tools, and networking possibilities to make an online event super interactive and fruitful for the virtual attendees. The platform also offers unbeatable customer support and real-time assistance to the attendees to improve their platform experience.


Another unique virtual event agency that is known for modifying event experiences. Be it online fairs, shows, conferences, meetings, or summits, Hexafair offers a top-notch experience for each of these. The platform provides customized booths, remarkable 3D designs, an integrated e-commerce system, and extensive networking opportunities. These tools are efficient means to ensure the success of your event. With real-time customer support, Hexafair ensures that platform navigation is a super simple process for the attendees. With global exhibitors on board, they have designed a 100% trustworthy online event platform.


INXPO, as a platform, includes keynote sessions, customized virtual booths, breakout rooms, interesting games, and more to make your events highly engaging and interactive. As an ideal platform, they support both live and on-demand content, to allow attendees to visit the live event or have a glimpse of aspects they missed while the event was live. Their video-streaming solutions can host customizable and scalable events that best suit your business needs.


An event solution that helps maximize brand value, global reach, and the ROI of the event. Their compelling virtual spaces offer countless opportunities to encourage engagement between the participants, speakers, and sponsors. With features like real-time chat, virtual networking, or live-streaming exhibitors find it easier to get more leads and sales opportunities.

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