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Using Lighting in Your Bathroom

Hassan Qureshi

LED lighted mirrors have been around for some time but they only came into popular use during the last decade or so. The reason for their newfound popularity is simply due to their efficiency. With more people becoming aware of the benefits of LED technology it has become possible for many more rooms in homes to be equipped with LED lit mirrors. Whether your home has been recently refurbished or simply upgraded, it is worth investing in lighted mirrors that reflect natural light in order to save on energy costs and also save you money by being able to save energy.

The truth, though, is that LED mirrors aren’t as simple as it seems. Basically, all LEDs work in the same way as traditional mirrors but with one key difference: the mirrors are fitted with special LEDs instead of traditional lighted mirrors. The first type of LED lighted mirrors that you may encounter are those which have been fitted with tiny LED chips. These chips are attached to the back of a traditional lighted mirror via a copper wire and then reflect the light which strikes them. You can find these mirrors in any standard hardware store and are extremely affordable.

The second kind of LED lighted mirrors offer a much more elaborate set of features. LED lights are strategically placed throughout the room and positioned so that every surface can receive direct illumination. In order to make such a setup work, however, the position of the mirrors and the number of lights required are important factors to consider. Ideally, such a setup should be used in bathrooms, where it is useful for ensuring there is proper and uniform illumination wherever you want to place them.

A third variety of LED mirror has a very different look altogether. These mirrors have their lights affixed to the front or side surfaces, which then extend outward by over twelve inches inside the outer frame perimeter. The beauty of this setup lies in its flexibility. While most mirrors affix their lights within the top mounting bar, which is usually between eight and ten inches inside the outer frame perimeter, a tri-fold mirror glass style allows you to position your mirror at any angle within the frame perimeter. This provides for greater customization and versatility. The downside, however, is that it requires significantly more space than regular mirror glass styles.

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For some people, the design they need is not so much concerned with how much light they receive as how much privacy they need from their mirrors. For instance, someone may prefer their bathroom mirror to be frosted. Frosted mirrored surfaces can be custom made in standard sizes and are available in a variety of designs, styles and colors. If a frosted mirror glass is needed for a bathroom, there are also other types of frosted mirror glass available on the market. Some of these mirrored surfaces are tempered and require a professional installer in order to keep them from breaking or becoming damaged by water.

Most homeowners, however, will opt for the standard lighted mirror option. Standard vanity mirrors come in a wide array of sizes, colors, styles, materials, and prices. In addition, you will find that there are many more options when it comes to lighted mirrors than there was even just a few years ago. One of the most popular choices in lighted mirrors is a frosted mirror that features three different lighted sections.

Another popular option is a backlit mirror. These mirrors enable you to use your bathroom light fixtures to illuminate your face and the rest of your body while you perform your personal hygiene and beauty care tasks. Because these types of mirrors can be very functional, they are great solutions for people who like to save money in their bathrooms. However, some people choose these types of mirrors because they like the way that the light makes them feel as they brush their teeth or apply their makeup. A backlit mirror can be an effective bathroom light fixture if you like the way that it aesthetically enhances the areas that you use it in.

Whether you choose tinted acrylic lights, frosted glass lights, or backlit mirrors, there are several things that you need to consider before making your purchase. First, make sure that you have adequate light in your bathroom so that your mirrors can be installed correctly. Make sure that you take into consideration the amount of space that is available in your bathroom before making any purchases. Finally, choose your makeup mirrors wisely because good lighting can transform your appearance and make you feel more confident about the way that you look.

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