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Travel Apps: 10 Less Popular But Useful Tools For Your Trip

Lily Berns

You know that planning is the key to an exciting journey. Therefore, you probably have several popular apps such as Booking, Skyscanner, Rental24H, or Airbnb already installed on your smartphone. They help prepare for the trip, that is, find a hotel room, buy a plane ticket, and even book a van hire under 21. Yes, a hire car is a great way to travel for everyone regardless of age, and the Rental24H app makes it possible. 

However, apart from finding accommodation, buying tickets, and hiring a car, every traveller has much more headaches. Luckily, modern apps are ready to help. Install the following programs on your smartphone to have a suitable solution for most travel challenges…


Let’s face it, the times of printed tickets and hotel reservations are gradually becoming a thing of the past, and we are happy about that. Now you don’t need to search for a boarding pass at the airport through the mail application. It would be much better to use the WalletPasses electronic wallet available for Android-powered devices. 

You can upload all your transport and event tickets into the app. This is especially useful if you have extensive travel plans. In addition, you can use WalletPasses at home, for example, to store discount cards so as not to carry a heavy stack with you. iOS users have a similar default Apple Wallet app that lets you add credit and debit cards for contactless payments as well.

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This application is for those who want to know exactly what happens during the flight. The app is free to download, but you have to pay $19.99 to get the flight data. SkyGuru will explain what happens at each stage of the journey. For example, what sounds do you hear in flight, or when the autopilot is turned on. 

SkyGuru will also tell you what the probability of turbulence is, given the exact departure time. Remember that you need to turn on the application an hour or two before departure, and keep it in a horizontal position during the flight. The easiest way is to place your smartphone on the armrest.

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As the name suggests, this app will help you plan any challenging route – from Rome to Rio, from London to Edinburgh, and between any other major destinations. You just need to enter the names of the points, and then the app will show you which transport you can use and how much it will cost. Rome2Rio is especially handy if you are travelling by car. It will suggest several routes for you and show you what to see along the way in each of them.

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This is an application that helps you keep complete travel information in your mind. It’s useful, for example, for those who travel a lot or choose difficult multi-stage routes. 

How does TripIt work? The application collects information about all your travel movements and forms a trip timeline based on them. You just need to send tickets and reservations to a dedicated email address. 

In addition, you can add plans on your own. It can be important work meetings, lunches at a restaurant, or any other activity. TripIt allows you to share information with others, which is a great option in case you travel with your friends. 

This is a famous travel app with audio-guided tours of various museums and walking tours. Its database contains audio guides of over 150 cities around the world, so you have a good chance to find the desired destination in the list. Moreover, the lack of internet is not a problem, as you can download the guides to your phone in advance.

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Google Travel 

This application will help you in planning your trip. After installation, it may seem to you that Google Travel follows your every step and guesses your desires. In fact, everything is much simpler. The app analyzes your preferences from previous trips. It then saves your current itinerary, including tickets, reservations, and more, and helps you figure out what to do on your trip. Google Travel advises various attractions and suggests adding the most interesting ones to your favorites.

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Route planner is something you can’t do without on a trip. So, is a handy application with maps that you can use offline if you download them to your phone in advance. 

Also, the application makes it possible to mark popular attractions, as well as any other points of interest on the map, and save them to favorites. The only drawback of the app is that it doesn’t always create the best route, so always check it before setting off.

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Musical concert? Street food festival? Or maybe a free comedy show? Eventbrite will tell you where to go and where to look for events in another country or city. In fact, this is a service for organizing events and selling tickets for them, but it’s also ideal for finding interesting places to spend your leisure time. You just have to register in the application, enter the city and category you are interested in, and then choose what you want.


The best way to get to know the destination faster and try something new is to get around by public transport. The Citymapper app will help you with this perfectly. 

You need to enter the starting and ending points of the route, and the app will tell you how you can get from one place to another, how long it will take, and how much you will spend on the trip. 

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Cool Cousin

There’s nothing better than taking a walk around an unfamiliar city with a local. But if you don’t have friends and acquaintances in another country and you don’t know which places are worth visiting in this or that city, install Cool Cousin. 

The app offers recommendations for all exciting places. Just click on the pin and get information about the opening hours, phone numbers, and pages on social networks of the desired location. Plus, the app gives you a detailed description of each point of interest.

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