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Transform Your Phone into A Virtual Therapeutic Trainer Through AI-Powered Motion Tracking Technology App

Let’s talk about the amazing AI-Powered Motion Tracking Technology App. Musculoskeletal lower back pain (MSK LBP) is one of the common forms of chronic back pain at a global level. Nearly 40% of the population between ages 18-60 years is affected by MSK LBP.

Kaia Health has come up with an innovative 2D motion tracking technology app that provides real-time feedback to the users on their exercises.

This app also helps patients suffering from COPD disorder.

Rising awareness about fitness among people has led to many remarkable innovations in the fitness world. Recently, Kaia Health, a New York-based health technology organization has invented a smartphone app that guides users through various therapeutic exercises to get relief from back pain and COPD. This technology is supported by an AI-powered motion tracking system that monitors the movements of the users through a smartphone camera and gives feedback on the exercises they are performing. The motion tracking app assists the users to perform various therapeutic exercises correctly to increase their effectiveness on body pains.


AI-Powered Motion Tracking Technology App for Back Pain

  • Many people around the world are suffering from lower back pain. For some people, it has become a disability i.e. they are unable to sit or sleep in any comfortable position.
  • Despite many medications and drugs available in the market for treating lower back pain, they sometimes give side-effects to the users.
  • Moreover, many health professionals nowadays are recommending exercises as a primary solution to lower back pain instead of relying solely on medicines.
  • However, certain back pain exercises are needed to be performed correctly to achieve good results.
  • Considering all these factors, Kaia Health came up with a motion-tracking technology app that instructs users to perform exercises correctly. The app was designed in such a way that it not only provides help with physical training but also with psychological and educational assistance.

AI-Powered App for Reducing COPD Disorder

  • Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD) is a lung disease that blocks airflow thereby making the patient difficult to breathe.
  • The standard treatment for COPD is pulmonary rehabilitation that helps to improve the patients’ conditions. However, due to fewer resources and cost constraints, access to pulmonary rehabilitation is limited.
  • With the AI-powered app, many patients can get access to therapeutic treatment on COPD including those living in rural areas. Because of the chronic nature of this disease, this app provides a comprehensive mind-body treatment method to the patients.
AI-Powered Motion Tracking Technology App

How Does This App Work?

  • Once the users open the app, they are welcomed by a virtual personal trainer named Kaia who helps them with their exercise program.
  • The users then place their phone upright against a wall or on the table and step back 7 feet away from the phone. The distance is enough for their body to be visible on the phone’s screen when the app locates 16 key points on the body through a smartphone camera.
  • While performing the exercise, Kaia provides actionable and real-time audio and video suggestions to encourage users to perform the exercise with correct postures. This is equivalent to the skills of an actual personal trainer that you find in a gym.

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