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Top Crucial Questions To Ask Before Buying Donor Software For Nonprofits

Peter Dong

Big or small, every nonprofit organization requires an effective donor software management system. Why? It is the system that is responsible for tracking and storing all your donor data without hassles. Unfortunately, since most nonprofit organizations are pretty tight on their budget, finding the best software is challenging.

So, here are some excellent tips for such companies who are planning to buy the latest donor software for nonprofits:

Can The Management Software Track The Donor Data Over Time?

The fundamental problem that many nonprofits do not realize is the importance of a donor database. It isn’t similar to the integrated data tracking system. Or some might even overlook the amount of effort and time required to search the databases and spreadsheets to identify any trend manually.

To eliminate such an issue, the first thing you must do is check the availability of different filters. Most of the donor management software can record data in an organized way. But they must also offer you various levels of management depending on intuitive filter tracking tools and search options.

Once you can identify the trends in your donor data, it gets easy to plan your strategies and decisions for other fundraising projects. In addition, with such data pool and trend analysis, you can also develop appropriate personalized strategies to retain your donors.

Will Your Donor Management Software Integrate Seamlessly With Other Digital Tools?

The next question to pop out here would be whether the software can work with your tools or not. Nonprofit companies often use various tools to engage their donors and making decisions. Therefore, the software system you choose must integrate with your digital tools properly.

Is It Easy To Export Data From Your Donor Management Software?

You should be able to make use of every single piece of data collected and stored within your software system. Your staff and employees need different portions of the stored data occasionally for multiple reasons.

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You can choose to give access to a selected group of employees, but sharing data should be a primary concern for the software. Importing and exporting data should be available and must not be a time-consuming task. Choose the application that can meet such specifications correctly to get the benefits.


These are a few questions that you need to ask before getting your donor software for nonprofits. However, if you want to find a reliable platform with excellent customer services, look for Sumac.

Sumac is a well-known brand that offers you all the necessary tools to manage your donor data correctly. You can streamline your fundraising with their tool while automating your receipting without issues. Along with that, you can collect donations online, manage monthly door data, target campaigns, get notifications for donor activities, etc. To get incredible deals and affordable prices, call Sumac now.

Peter Dong

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