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Top 5 Ways Technology Has Transformed The Healthcare Industry

Healthcare industry
Sankalp Kumar

Seeing the potential of technology, we cannot deny that there have been quite a lot of ways through which technology has transformed almost every other sector. Technology is improving at an astonishing rate which brings us to the fact that the healthcare industry has profited the most out of this. 

Improved healthcare does not only have increase the quality of life, but it also lightens the load from many healthcare workers. This article will explain the 5 ways that technology has transformed the healthcare industry. 

AI Technology

Artificial intelligence has brought an abrupt change in the way we see the healthcare industry. It gives the ability to collect, analyze, and interpret enormous amounts of data that could help in many different ways. National Health Service has plans to set up artificial intelligence labs. It can benefit both healthcare providers and patients. 

The algorithms of artificial intelligence help in mining medical records, design treatment plans, or create drugs way faster than the usual time taken. 

Robot-Facilitated Surgery

We all know the increased use of mobile applications in the healthcare industry has brought much more convenience to customers, the same difference has been created by robot-facilitated surgeries. When robots do the surgery they allow greater accuracy, and it also makes sure to reduce the protruding of many procedures. It tends to improve the recovery time and help with pain reduction. Furthermore, it is quite helpful to get robot-assisted surgery for the surgeons as it takes away half of their work. 

VR and AR In The Healthcare Industry

VR stands for Virtual Reality. It is made in order to make the lives of patients and physicians change completely. If you are not sure of what “We Are Alfred,” means then here are the details for you. A lab called Embodied Labs has started this VR technology wherein it shows young medical students what it means to be a 74-year-old man with all the audio-visual impairments. It is made in such a way that makes young doctors connect more with elderly patients. It is a 7 minute VR. 

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AR stands for Augmented Reality. AR is helping medical students to decide the future of medicine forward. The Medsights Tech is an advancement that has created a 3-dimensional reconstruction of tumours, empowering surgeons with ‘x-ray views’ without any radiation, in real-time. 

Linking One Doctor To Another

What do you think of social networking sites in terms of the healthcare industry? Of course! You never knew how helpful it could prove to be for doctors? So there is a website called Doximity. It is a social networking website for all physicians. It was launched in 2010, the platform allows its members curated medical news, telehealth tools, and case collaboration. This is only in the United States of America, but it can be practised in other nations as well. It is a great way to stay connected. Through doximity, doctors from any part of the nation can interact online on difficult cases. 

There are many cases when patients can get fine but with a little more guidance that doctors can give each other. Hence, at times like this, the technology can prove to be helpful. 

Health And Fitness

The Healthcare industry is not only about hospitals and patients. It is an umbrella term for all the things related to health and fitness. There is an increasing number of apps and gadgets in the market that strive to prove themselves of help to people in staying active and eat healthily. We will mention a name of the technology, that you all might have already seen or own. The Fitbit is a watch that keeps a record of your steps and other activities like when you sleep, for how long you sleep, records time you use the social networks. 

If you own a Samsung mobile phone, you must have an app called “Samsung Health” it is bound to calculate your steps, the calories you intake,  your workout routine, and many more things. Therefore, it is a way through which healthcare has been revolutionized completely. The list does not end here. There are plenty more apps like this on different mobile phones. Google itself have apps in the Google play store that can guide you to many different kinds of physical workouts to shred some inches off your body. 

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It is pretty much evident that technology has given a much-needed upgrade to this industry. From giving modern equipment to ging apps to let the medical industry connect with the patients. Above all is the fact that they can connect easily. Although it needs to get through more advancements which it will get in the near future. Doctors and hospitals can easily collaborate with each other with the arrival of these technologies.

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