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Top 5 Technology Accessories to Spruce up Your Devices

Hussain Ali

Over 75% of Americans buy tech gifts around the holiday season, and for good reason. A nifty new accessory to go with your shiny new XPS 13 or MacBook Air is one of the coolest gifts the Christmas season can offer.

But if you’re looking into technology accessories for the techie in your life (or yourself!), what should you buy? What are the best tech gadgets and tech accessories on offer in 2021?

Well, stay right there and keep reading for our guide to the top 5 tech gifts of 2021.

1. True Wireless Bluetooth Earbuds

If you (or someone you know) is a music lover or a podcast addict, then a set of true wireless bluetooth earbuds — like AirPods or Pixel Buds — is one of the best tech gifts you could possibly buy. These little tech marvels will sit comfortably in your ears, sound great, and (best of all) free you forever from the tyranny of tangled wires. Not bad!

2. AirTags/Tile Trackers

Always losing stuff? Can’t ever remember where you put down your car keys? Then a set of bluetooth trackers like Apple AirTags or Tile bluetooth trackers are pretty much tailor-made tech gadgets for the absent-minded geeks among us. Just slap one of these things on a keyring or in a bag, and then use the smartphone app to keep an eye on them. Never lose anything again!

3. A Stylish Laptop Case

The great thing about laptops? Portability. The bad thing about laptops? If you drop them while you’re carrying them around, that’s an expensive mistakes. That’s why you need a laptop case, for reasons of safety, security, and style. So whether you need a 14-inch MacBook Pro Case or a nifty tote for your Dell, make sure you pick one up before you drop your beloved portable.

4. An Apple Arcade Subscription

Are you an iPhone or Mac user that loves gaming? An Apple Arcade subscription could be the perfect choice. Instant access to over 200 games that you can play right away on any of your iDevices? Sounds like one of the best technology gifts out there, and you don’t even have to wrap anything.

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5. A Smart Speaker

Whether Alexa, Siri, or Google Assistant, a smart speaker around the home can be amazing for both productivity and entertainment. Add things to the shopping list or play your favorite album via Spotify or Apple Music, and all through the power of your voice. Now that’s 21st century living!

Technology Accessories For Everyone

And there you have it, our top 5 technology accessories for every nerd, geek, and tech-head out there. Whether you’re an Apple aficionado, a Linux lover, or a total Windows disciple, there’s something on here for you. Just make sure it’s all compatible before you write that check!

Now get out there and get yourself some of the latest tech!

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