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Softphone vs. VoIP Which One You Need For Business

Syed Tutul

If you are running your newly owned business or seeking expertise in better communication skills then you must have heard about Softphone & VoIP. Some people often get confused & mix those two as one. Although both are used in better communication processes, they work quite differently. Some of you may think any of these will be alright for you until it let you communicate with others.

The main purpose of those two indeed is to connect people from any distance, it might be local or international. But the question that may arise in your mind is which one is best for you. Well, you can answer this question on your own. All you need to do is stay with us till the end & read carefully everything regarding Softphone vs VoIP.

What is a Softphone?

“Softphone”, the name tells almost half things. Yes, you have guessed it right. A softphone is a software that allows voice over IP phone using software. The thing that matters here is the software, not the hardware. That means you can use softphone features using any device like your cell phone, desktop, or laptop. All you need to do is install this on your device & you are ready to go.

It simply acts like any other phone in the network. The interesting fact is, it is not just limited to making telephone calls, it also adds some new useful features. Usually, it has the access to any other VoIP feature that a traditional phone does not. It also has some existing features from traditional phones. For example, a dial plate that works exactly like on a traditional phone. However, it does not come with any dedicated receiver. In fact, it uses the Speakers, Microphones & Headphones of your device where you have installed the softphone.

If you are eager to know the Advantages & Disadvantages of softphone vs VoIP then here it is.

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Advangtages of Softphone

  • You do not require any extra device to use a softphone, regular devices like android/ios mobile phones, laptops, MacBooks are preferable.
  • The network you are in will act normally just like it does with your regular telephone.
  • The softphone allows a comprehensive overview of your call statuses & it is kind of unlimited.
  • You can easily share your contact list with your friends, family, or co-workers.
  • You can easily identify the presence of your desired person or what s/he is doing using a softphone. There are options like ina meeting, Coffee Break & so on. You can also use these for yourself.
  • You can easily get access to all your messages & phone calls in one place.
  • You can use the video call & voice mail feature on a softphone.
  • You can take your softphone wherever you go. It is a very portable option nowadays.
  • If you want to change your device the data of your softphone will not be erased. You can simply access your existing data using your previous id.

Disadvantages of Softphone

  • There is no specific device that is only used for Softphone.
  • You need a better Graphic User Interface (GUI) to use the amazing features it offers.
  • The audio & video quality will depend on the device you are using, it does not rely on the softphone.
  • The softphone is not very suitable for Broadcasting a conference call.

What is a VoIP?

VoIP, the full form is Voice over Internet Protocol. It is an advanced technology that has been very popular in recent years. Other than a wired connection or connection to your phone, it uses the broadband connection of your home or office.

VoIP is mostly known for making calls. But its field is not just limited to that. You can also transfer various multimedia using VoIP. Most of the time you can use VoIP using your regular laptop, desktop, mobile phone, or other regular devices. But for the best experience, there are special VoIP phones made for VoIP services. VoIP is also reliable for making international calls. It converts your voice from an audio signal to digital data & then this digital data can be sent all over the internet. Some features like call record, voice mail, email, etc are also can be used through VoIP. Some telephone networks also allow using VoIP. However, VoIP does not allow all features to be used through telephone networks. You must need a powerful broadband connection to use all its features.

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If you are eager to know the Advantages & Disadvantages of VoIP then here it is.

Advantages of VoIP

  • You can use VoIP using your regular devices like smartphones, laptops & MacBooks. Additionally, all you need is a broadband connection.
  • You always have a VoIP hard phone to use all VoIP features & for a better connection & call clarity.
  • VoIP is reliable for both local & international calls. That is why it is much more used by individuals & businesses.
  • Other than phone calls it also allows to transfer of multimedia & enables voice recording, voice mail & email.
  • You can use VoIP with wired or wireless (wifi) connection. But for a better connection, we recommend using a direct connection to your broadband.
  • Conference calls are much more effective through VoIP.
  • You can call anyone using VoIP who has a phone number. Call charges are minimum compared to regular phone call charges.

Disadvantages of VoIP

  • Some VoIP services only work with VoIP earphones.
  • Some VoIP services may let you call the people who use the same service without any charge.
  • You may need extra charges to call people who are on different networks.

Softphone vs VoIP

To be honest, there is nothing to compare between these two. Those are not competitors. In fact, Softphone & VoIP are two modern platforms for better communication. As an individual, you may need both. But if you think from a business perspective then your requirements may vary. For example, softphone works really well for employees working in a hospital. Changing shifts & accessing all records will not be an issue using a softphone. Also, the softphone is travel-friendly. You can take it wherever you go. On the other hand, VoIP phones are a very good choice for businessmen who need to communicate with people from different places frequently. Thus s/he will have a reliable connection/ The charges are also very minimum (if there is any). We recommend having both for uninterrupted communication with the world.

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