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How to Resolve Outlook Not Working on iPhone Issues?

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Are you having an Outlook issue with Outlook not working properly? Do you have to repeatedly reboot Outlook every time it slows down? Then you need to know how to resolve Outlook not working on iPhone issue. Before we move on let me give you some quick guidelines to follow in this article.

Fix Outlook Not Working on iPhone Issues

It has been noted that people who use iPhone are having serious issues with their email apps not being setup properly and even the latest emails are not appearing. You may have to go into settings > click on Mail and Contacts and you will see all your contacts and what you have been doing with them. You need to reset these values manually so that your phone can recognize them properly. But if you are already in this scenario then it is pretty much a piece of cake to do.

You need to tap on Mail and Contacts and tap on the “+” button so that you can choose all the contacts you have on your Outlook and tap on the + sign again to add them. You can view your entire Outlook account by going into settings > Account tab. If you want to reset your phone settings, then you need to reset the preferences for Mail, Contacts and Calendars. The Phone tab has a link for Outlook but you can also choose Other tab. Once you are done with those two taps, restart Outlook and see what happens.

This can be a big problem especially; if you have important data on your computer and you do not want to lose it. How to resolve Outlook not working on iPhone issue will depend on what problem you are actually facing. If you do not have any mail or other data in your inbox, then it is okay. You can tap on the + sign to add your accounts. It may take few minutes for it to sync everything.

However, if there is something wrong with your email client; then you need to restart Outlook and look for the Mail option. It usually means that there is something wrong with the IMAP server settings; so you might need to tweak some values. If you are getting error messages while trying to access Outlook; then the most likely problem is the IMAP server not working. If you are unable to access Outlook through your cell phone, then you should remove the battery from it. Then, make sure that the phone is switch off.

Bottom Line

If you are still getting error messages after doing those steps; then it is time to try the backup feature in Outlook. It does not matter if you are using a backup of Outlook on your computer or you want to create a new one. When you choose to create a new back up, the new copy will be synchronize with Outlook. However, if you already have an Outlook Express backup; then you can go ahead and use it to create a new back up. That should how to resolve Outlook not working on iPhone issue properly.

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