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What to do, if the printer won’t scan?

Brother printer won t scan to computer
Suzanne Shanks

Earlier, the printer devices were used only for taking the printouts. For other jobs like scanning or faxing, users have to use other devices. But now, the user can perform all these jobs with the printer. Now models of printer devices also offer printing and scanning features. You can use the same device for printing as well as scanning. But some users face scanning issues with printers.

Reasons behind printer won’t scan error

  1. You are trying to set the printer to a compatible device
  2. Invalid printer settings
  3. The scanner driver is not working
  4. The printer is not connected correctly
  5. Your device has viruses
  6. The firewall is interrupting 

Troubleshooting printer won’t scan error

Restart the printer

If the printer device is not taking the scan; you have to restart it. Your printer may start showing issues when its scanning service gets stuck. To fix this, the user can restart the device. When you power restart the printer devices, all its services start working from the beginning. Once you restart, check the printer and try taking your scan.

Run the troubleshooter

The printer may get a scanning error if some scanner-related files are not working. These files can get into error due to any runtime error on the computer. The Brother printer won t scan to computer until those files get repaired. But finding and repairing the scanner-related files can be difficult. To fix this, the user should run the Windows troubleshooter. This inbuilt tool will inspect and repair Windows-related errors. Go to the computer and then open the Update and Security tab. Click on the troubleshooter and select Scanner. Run the scanner troubleshooter and the utility tool will start searching for the scanner-related files. It will repair the files and then the user can scan his documents with the printer.

Reset the printer to factory settings

If the scanning function of your printer is not working after making changes to settings then undo them. But people often forget the previous settings of the printer. For this issue, users can try a factory reset. It will undo all the features to factory reset. On the printer, check the settings button. On the All settings, choose the Initial Setup option. Select the Reset button and now click on Factory reset. When you hit the Yes button the printer will get reset. But now the printer won’t have the PC details. You have to reconfigure your printer device with the computer. After setting it, go to the printer and scan the document.

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Inspect the scanner driver

Without the correct driver, you can’t scan the document. If the scanning service shows any error; go to the computer and check the scanner driver. The driver needs to be updated regularly. Go to the driver and run its update. In case, your scanner driver is not working then you have to repair its files. When you can’t repair those files manually, remove the driver. On PC, open the drivers’ tab and remove the scanner driver. Now open the web and install the same driver on the system. When the printer gets the correct driver, it will start working.

Reconnect your printer with PC/network

The scanning error can appear when the printer is not connected. It occurs due to loose or damaged cable. Eject the cable and check its ends. Reconnect the cable and assure that it is not loose. When the user has connected his printer to the network; he needs to check the router. Go to the router and restart it. Also, check the WPS as sometimes it gets disabled automatically. Once the printer gets corrected; you can try using the scanner function.

Scan the computer for malware

The scanning issues can occur due to viruses. When the connected device has malware; it may interrupt the scanning services. Whenever the user runs the scan, viruses start interrupting the process. To fix this, you should scan the computer for malware. Run the full scan feature on antivirus and then restart it. Now the user should try scanning the document. Also, you can check the firewall as sometimes the firewall also interrupts the scanning process. Disable it and then scan the documents on the printer.

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