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PC Gaming Is Already Thriving, But Where It Is Heading to?

Lucia Adams
Lenovo Many GEOs

PC gaming has a tumultuous past. It gained traction after the 1983 video game collapse, which was caused by an excessive number of consoles and inadequate games, and aside from losing prominence again in the 1990s due to console comebacks from the fancies of the original Sony PlayStation and Nintendo 64, PC gaming has effectively managed to regain stable positions in the international market that are only forecasted to boost.

If you’re feeling out of touch and want to know what’s now ‘popular,’ ask a child what they would like to be when they grow into adults. Two decades ago, you’d probably receive a response from a footballer, actress or palaeontologist, and it’s not difficult to see why.

While the traditional responses of a doctor, athlete and scientist continue to emerge in polls, children are increasingly likely to desire a career as a professional gamer or YouTube streamer.

In reality, when it comes to video gaming, worlds intersect all the time, especially when the PC gaming society is involved. From politicians like Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez playing Among Us alongside some of Twitch’s most popular streams to actor Henry Cavill filming himself building his personal rig, the exclusive and pricey world of gaming PCs and laptops is recruiting new members on a regular basis.

This is merely the only reason that PC gaming, including pre built gaming PC and custom rig PC, has grown in popularity in recent years, but it undoubtedly plays a role, and the need for computer gear is evident. According to a forecast issued by Jon Peddie Research in 2020, the PC gaming hardware industry will grow by $3.6 billion to $36.9 billion by the end of last year. It not only met that goal, but a new estimation of $45.6 billion is predicted by the end of 2021, despite persistent hardware shortages and the COVID-19 outbreak.

We’ve gone a long way since 1982 when the initial Microsoft Flight Simulator was published. With Esports competitions filling venues and virtual reality chatrooms sprouting online, it’s difficult to see where PC gaming will go next.

Mid-range and low-end gaming PCs make for another half of the gaming PC industry, which has risen 60% in the previous five years and is expected to increase another quarter in the next four. According to IDC Safe Betting Sites, new GPUs will bring down prices while increasing performance, resulting in a significant increase in sales in 2022.

Everything Is Both Labour and Play.

We’re seeing more of it, especially among entrepreneurs and self-employed people. The status quo of a typical office system does not always represent those brands, so they’re looking at alternative devices, and with gaming machines ranging from RGB, flashy designs to something more subtle, we’re noticing preferences in those small and midsize business customers having to look at gaming products. 

The previous 18 months have really generated momentum behind not just PC purchases, but also gaming, and we think the essential thing to take away from that is that the epidemic and the work from home/stay at home culture has allowed a feeling of escape to not just traditional gamers, but also everyday people.

We believe that the capacity to escape, interact and collaborate has fuelled this increase rather than individuals merely seeking to game. When you look at the types of games that people are playing, you’ll see that they’re more about cooperation and teamwork than separate, segregated offline games.

It’s Something That Everyone Does.

Laptops are growing in popularity as technology advances, with new systems being lighter and slimmer than ever before as internal components shrink. However, the pandemic has been a massive driving force for PC gaming as well, with astounding year-on-year growth, and that came about and that you were physically unable to go. When we asked gamers what their top priority was, the majority replied with the experience.

If you go with the best buy gaming PC, you can add larger monitors, enabling you to watch or stream material on one while playing a game on another. You get to experience not just using it for gaming but also for broadcasting.

PC Gaming in the Future

We’re going to see more ‘gaming as a service’ subscriptions like Xbox Gamepass and, of course, cloud gaming, which means that consumers won’t need anything particularly powerful like a big CPU or GPU. People will be able to game more flexibly on mobile devices or in docked-style devices like the Alienware UFO prototype as a result of this.

Every year, new exciting advancements are made that might make enhanced internet accessibility a reality, and gaming will progress in tandem.

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