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Optimizing non-meta data items

Bilal Ahsan

The set of available tools that allow you to develop a development and promotion strategy unrelated to metadata is much more comprehensive than it might seem at first glance. The most obvious of these is A / B testing ability, which can identify the most promising areas for further work.

App downloads

The Number of Downloads parameter demonstrates the popularity of your brand. The more fans you have, the better the position of the app store ranking. The most successful developers are encouraged by Google and Apple in every possible way and ranked significantly higher in their search.

But this does not mean at all that your primary task is to achieve the maximum number of installs. Instead, it will be much more effective to chase the quality of each specific download. Then the number of refusals will rapidly decrease, and the duration of use of the product before removal will increase many times.

To increase the duration of attention retention, you need to strive for maximum awareness of your audience.

Using and interacting with the application

The relevant metric is the cost of your installs. Therefore, it is necessary to be aware of the following:

  • What percentage of visitors to your store page install it on their devices?
  • How long does it take for a person to realize all its usefulness and effectiveness?
  • How long are the sessions?
  • What is the return rate for your application? Do people visit it daily, weekly, or do they remove it after the first use?

A clever strategy for onboarding users within an application involves stimulating their level of engagement and constantly fueling interest in what will happen next.

User ratings and reviews

Many modern users are actively looking for various reviews and rankings of applications they plan to install on their devices. The days when people just downloaded everything and independently chose the right one are long gone. It is necessary to constantly work on the brand image, encourage positive comments and reviews, and publish various reviews and manuals in today’s world. All information that tells about you, especially positively, affects the popularity of the application and the number of installations.

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What’s more? Positive reviews also signal to Google and Apple that people like your product and are willing to use it. Therefore, you will be ranked significantly higher on the app store ranking, which, in turn, will attract an even larger audience.

Negative reviews are equally important in terms of product development. Correction of errors and elimination of defects is a long process and requires close attention. Of course, it is impossible to please everyone, but this must be strived for.

Send informative notifications to your users and ask them to share their impressions of using the application. These messages help you assess the quality of your development strategy and create a sense of involvement in the process of brand growth among the audience.

Since about half of all effective installations inevitably entail further disabling of push notifications, you can create additional mailings among subscribers in your groups on social networks. Thus, you can engage that part of your audience – loyal to the brand but does not want to receive notifications within the application.

User experience: improve the quality of life of your audience

Understanding your audience is key to creating an app that draws in users and keeps them coming back every day. Don’t get hung up on standard metrics like demographics, income levels, geo, and the like.

To improve the user experience qualitatively, it is necessary to delve deeper into the essence of the audience’s problems. Therefore, it is essential to ask questions such as:

  • What makes people feel like they are part of something bigger?
  • If a sense of security is essential to users, do you understand what it is built from?
  • Is physical and mental health a top priority for clients?
  • What is it about their daily routine that frustrates them the most, and why?
  • How does a person relax after a hard day?
  • What hobbies help people to spend their free time pleasantly and naturally?
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The app promotion strategy should be created so that it becomes an integral part of everyday life.

According to statistics, 70% of users stop entering the application after 30 days of using it. To reduce this indicator, it is necessary to look for new points of contact with the audience constantly.

Remind yourself, add new opportunities and activities. The process of attracting and holding attention for a long time is complicated. It involves the painstaking and comprehensive elaboration of every element of your product.

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