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How Do I Make a PDF Editable for Free? 

James Johnson

Because PDF documents are one of the most commonly used document formats, they have also risen in popularity. These days, it’s far easier to access, sort, and manage PDF files than it is to work with Word documents and MS PowerPoint. 

Specifically, those in professional fields prefer to share and keep files in PDF format. The main advantage of PDF files is that they keep a standard format. However, editing PDF is a main concern for the users

Therefore, how can you make your PDF file editable is explained in the article below.

How to make PDF Editable?

“How can I edit my PDF file for free?” is the most frequently asked question by PDF users as it’s a real concern. PDFs are uneditable and couldn’t be edit by default which have a negative impact sometimes and users go for looking an alternative.

Therefore, in order to edit PDF, users need an online tool or software. Well, there exist various tools and software however, the best practice is to use an online PDF converter. Online PDF concreters are great tools available online that coverts PDF files to any editable format.

To make them editable, you can either convert your PDF document to Word format or your PDF slides to PowerPoint. Considering the requirements of your file, you can choose any format for your file to be converted in. 

PDF to Word converter

With PDF to word editable converter, you can successfully convert your uneditable PDF to editable Word. PDF to Word is an online available tool that aids to make amendments to PDF files. Using any device, Mac, Windows, Linux, and even your mobile phone, you can access any competent PDF to Word converter by searching on the web. 

By keeping intact, the format and pixels of your original PDF file, PDF to Word tool transforms it into MS Word. To use this tool, you just have to upload or drag and drop your file and in minor seconds you will be displayed with the Word copy of file.

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After downloading the converted file on your device, you are free to edit it the way you need. After being converted to MS Word format your uneditable PDF is now unrestricted for any kind of modification.

PDF to PowerPoint converter

PDF to PowerPoint is an online tool that operates the same way PDF to Word converter displays results. However, instead of converting file to MS Word it transforms it into MS PowerPoint.

A PDF converting tool is needed when we need to make our PDF editable. Many online PDF to PowerPoint tools are available that provide different results. However, in order to achieve better conversion results, it is recommended to use a professional and competent converter, which should also be available for free. 

Moreover, you don’t have to concern whether PDF converting tool will work on your device. As they are available online you may relax, since they are cross-platform compatible. The online PDF to PowerPoint operates on all including Windows and Mac OS X, and Linux.

You may perform a whole conversion of full presentations or individual slides from PDF to PowerPoint in simply a few clicks with a professional and competent PDF to PowerPoint tool.

Wrapping Up

PDFs are the first choice when it comes to sharing and saving files, however, they aren’t as freely edited as other formats. Thus in order to make them editable, one can convert them to any editable format. PDF to Word and PDF to PowerPoint are among the most notable converters used. Using online PDF converting tool anyone can make their PDFs editable for free. Moreover, these tools can be used on any device and thus there is no limitation of device.

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