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Living Room: The Way to Design

Khaled Syfullah
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Imagine a scenario!

You have a very important person in your life to arrive at your home. You prepared good food, a bouquet of flowers and everything you could do. But you live in a house in which the living room is not good enough. The living room is very oldish and the is not suitable for a good meeting. In that case, how would be the impression of the person who is about to arrive?

Of course, the person will give you the importance and will gratefully take the bouquet of flowers you gave. But as a first impression, the guest might think you are a person who do not know how to take good care of your house or your living room is filthy.

This is just common thinking, that can happen.

To avoid this kind of scenario you need to take care of your living room. The best action could be renovating the old layout and replacing the old furniture. But that involves a lot of money, especially additional money for the interior designer or architect.

If you want to avoid the design fee, you can design a living room by yourself. But as you do not have adequate knowledge of designing, this could be a really hectic task for you. But there are solutions.

Tech is becoming more user-friendly these days and some amazing minds invented roomtodo to sort out the design problem.

Roomtodo is a free online living room floor planner. It can be used to design a whole house or part of the house. This software is especially suitable for those who are thinking of renovating the home without hiring a consultant, designer or architect. 

Why Roomtodo for Living Room Design?

The reason for suggesting roomtodo lies in its features. Let’s have a clear look at why roomtodo is the best free online living room planner.

Generic Reasons

  • The first and foremost reason for suggesting roomtodo is, it is absolutely free. It means you need not spend money on designing your living room, thus it saves your wallet. Of course, there is a paid plan but you would not need this for designing your living room. This is because the free version is quite enough to solve all the design requirements. 
  • It is online software, hence is no need for installation. PC CAD software often take valuable RAM space and makes the PC super slow. But as roomtodo is online, you can start designing your living room without any installation or slowing your PC.
  • Roomtodo is extremely easy to use. As it is made for the persons having no design idea, it provides a clear user interface and hence the user experience is top-notch. Moreover, the drag and drop feature of roomtodo makes it suitable for everyone and even for school-going students. If you know how to operate your mouse and how to operate browsers like Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox, you are ready to give it a try.

Design Specific Reasons

  • For designing a room like a living room, roomtodo is a perfect choice. This is because it has a specific library for specific room types. For example, you may need a sofa in a living room. You can find that sofa in the library named ‘Living Room’. As it is well arranged you need not search it anywhere else.
  • For the room components like electrical appliances, furniture, there is different libraries. So dragging the item and placing it on design is just a matter of a click.
  • The pre-made library is full of necessary components. Actually, there is nothing missing. You can do anything you need to design your living room or any other specific room.
  • The transformation from 2D layout to 3D isometric view is just a matter of click. With a single click, you can create a stunning 3D view of your room.
  • You can paint your wall, put a rug on the floor, hang a painting on the wall, cut out the wall for service lines, etc. without having any knowledge of designing.

Other Reasons

  • The camera settings allow you to check your drawing from a different perspectives.
  • The construction mode allows you to add or remove walls, cutouts for windows and doors etc.
  • For living room decoration on celebration, there is a specific menu named as ‘Decor’.

A Short Guide to Design a Living Room

Upon starting a new project in, head over to the right pane and click on ‘2D’. From the left pane ‘Çonstruction’ menu draw wall, room or floor. You can cut out the wall using ‘Wall cutout’ or similar options.

Once you are done with creating a virtual room, go to the ‘Çoverings’menu and paint your wall or put specific floor tiles.

From the right pane select the specific libraries like electrical appliances to add components to your room. Add all that is needed to make your design beautiful.

Head over to the decor menu in the right pane and design your living for parties or specific celebrations.

Add furniture and other amenities from the respective menu.

You can edit the size of the furniture or all other components and place them on the prospective location.

You have the option to drag and drop all the items to change the location. Changing the location, paints, placing a painting or flower vase can change the whole scenario of your design and can make it more beautiful and mind-graving.

Congrats!! You are done with the design.

Concluding Words

The living room is one of the most important parts of your home. It represents your dignity and expresses your mind for creativity and uniqueness. Hence designing a living room should be given importance. Roomtodo is a free layout planner by using which you can easily design your living room. The user interface is very easy to understand and roomtodo is designed for the people like you, who do not know the basic rules of designing a living room.

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