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Learning To Build An Online Course? Create A Beta Program For The Same

Lipsy Goyal

If you are learning to build an online course, at Megan Harrison Consulting we recommend to get started with a minimum viable product (MVP). This is how you get a chance to receive an opinion from the potential audience. Also, as course creators you will be able to make the required changes if any.

One of the best methods to launch a MVP when it comes to an online course is a beta test. Nevertheless, before you introduce the course to the audience, have sufficient interviews done already. Anyhow you need to validate the whole idea of the online course before launching the beta. In addition to this, there is also a requirement of a mind blowing outline for the content the course will be including, hence, you can set up a useful and informative beta course landing page.

Reasons to get beta test done for your online course

If you are learning about course creation online, then now is the time when you opt for a beta test. Mentioned below are them. Continue reading.

  • The course creator gets immense time to prepare crisp and information content. There are so many course creators who get stuck in the middle of the road and don’t understand where it will lead them. With a beta program, you get to know the opinions of the learners. In addition to this, you will also get to know more information. Basically, you beta test with a small number of people and see if the course is working for them. This gives you an opportunity to gather all the reviews which as an outcome can be used on the sales pages of your course or marketing stuff.

  • Beta course landing page: Once you have a proper outline for your course, it is time to prepare a beta course landing page. For people who do not know what this page is about, it is one where you cover all the basic elements of the course. From covering the course cost to how it will benefit the learners, everything should be there in the landing page. Next, the landing page should also consist of the start and ending date of the beta test.

This is everything you need to know about performing a beta test for your online course. Now that you are aware of them, make sure you perform it. For better outcomes, a beta test is compulsory. You will not only be able to understand the potential audience but will also know what they precisely need.

The key Takeaways

We hope this piece of information has been useful to you. In order to learn more about creating an online course, or something else, get in touch with us at Megan Harrison Consulting. We will help you in the best way possible and make sure all your requirements are met. For more details, write to us on or give us a ring at (773)-492-1621. We will be more than happy to have you on board with us.

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