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Know The Easy Steps To Lean Azure DP 900 Certification

DP 900
Gaurav Walla

All the professionals and fresh candidates planning to take up the Microsoft Azure Data Fundamentals DP 900 exam have a few doubts in their minds before they begin their preparation. It is better to break the path into simpler and clearer steps to make the journey easier.

The Azure DP 900 certification journey starts with recognizing the course’s prerequisites and ends with the finishing touches to the preparation with the right resources. However, before we discuss the same, let us understand the key benefits associated with DP 900 certification.

Key Benefits Of DP 900 Certification

  1. Candidates taking the course will understand the vast data management concepts in the cloud infrastructure and have in-depth know-how about working with Microsoft Azure Services.
  1. Getting DP 900 certified will also help the candidates qualify for the Associate level certifications like Azure Database Admin, Azure Data Engineer, and they also get the opportunity to earn two-star badges. 
  1. The IT industry is flooded with opportunities for professionals who want to work on Associate level positions in the Database Administration and Data Engineering fields.
  1. A DP 900 certification lets potential employers know that a candidate has the required skills to manage a cloud infrastructure in the Azure environment.

Easy Steps To Lean Azure DP 900 Certification

Step 1: Recognizing The Prerequisites

Data architects, data engineers, database administrators, or any other professional having knowledge related to relational and non-relational data, with different types of workloads like transactional and analytical, are eligible to attempt the DP 900 course.

It is the first certification level of the data platform series, so foundational knowledge related to Azure services, data definition languages, and data manipulation language surely help along with basic concepts like RDBMS and data management. 

Apart from the foundational concepts, knowledge related to Microsoft Azure Services, including storage, containers, and other managed services, come in handy while taking the DP 900 exam. However, other than these concepts, there are no mandated prerequisites for taking the certification.

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Step 2: Analysing Questions From Different Modules

Overall, there are four modules from which questions are asked: 

Module 1: Core Data Concepts

You can expect simple foundational concepts from this module of core data workloads like streaming and batch data. However, questions from data visualization are also quite evident. Other concepts from this module include transform, extract, load and extract, and data processing. 

Module 2: Working With Relational Data on Azure

In the second module, more stress is on relational data on azure and the concepts related to SaaS, PaaS, and laaS. Other questions are from the comparison of relational data in MySQL, Azure SQL, and PostgreSQL. 

Module 3: Working With Non-Relational Models

In this section, the majority of questions are from non-relational data workloads, including a few from the management section regarding data security, authorization, and related tools.

Module 4: Describing Analytics Workload On Azure

Several components of data warehousing, architecture, and workload-related concepts are asked in this module. Understanding analytics workload is key to cracking the MS Azure DP 900 exam.

Step 3: Collect The Right Resources For Preparation

There are several resources that help in preparing for DP 900 certification. The most sought after resources are: 

  1. Microsoft Documentation
  2. Microsoft Lean Portal
  3. Microsoft Official Courseware which is available upon enrolment
  4. Instructor-led training is also available, which can help the test takers clear their Azure fundamentals using a structured approach.

Step 4: Simple Tricks And Tips

There are a few tricks and tips which can help in understanding the concepts better before appearing for the Microsoft certification exam:

  1. It is always a better approach to appear for the exam right after training.
  2. Elimination methods while choosing the appropriate option works frequently.
  3. Complicated questions can be marked for later and can be attempted right before finishing the test.


Having the right mindset along with a structured preparation strategy always helps in clearing the DP 900 tests. 

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If you have just started your journey of Microsoft Azure related to data in the cloud, you can begin by looking for the right fundamentals course by a reputed training platform like Koenig Solutions. 

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The best thing about preparing for Azure certification or any other Microsoft course is that they provide a foundation to advance over higher levels of concepts in the Azure area.


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